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Convert Thunderbird Emails to DOC

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thunderbird email converter

Anybody who faced the problem of overloaded Thunderbird mailbox is looking for a way how to free it up. This task looking simple at first sight turns to a real problem without special software. Manual copy-pasting the information from old emails for hours is definitely not the most convenient solution. It is far better to convert Thunderbirds emails to Doc automatically with the help of Total Thunderbird Converter. It is a program is specially adjusted special for Thunderbird mail client and integrates with mailbox automatically.

It is convenient to store old electronic correspondence in Doc files, as they allow to save original formatting of emails and can be opened on almost every computer. Total Thunderbird Converter easily copes with such conversion, regardless of number of emails in one batch.

free download thunderbird converter

This email converter offers a few ways of exporting emails from Thunderbird to Doc format. You can:

  1. convert emails one-by-one, specifying different settings for each email;
  2. convert a few emails at a time, saving converted copies as separate Doc files;
  3. convert a few emails at a time, combining them into one single Doc file.
In two last variants you specify the same settings for all converted emails. This significantly saves your time, as you donít need to repeat the same settings for each source email. With the help of this Thunderbird converter you can convert all emails within one command, this will take seconds.

If you wish, you can manage email conversions via command line. You will need to specify a couple of conversion parameters, and all the job will be done even without enabling program interface. The program can not only convert emails from Thunderbird to Doc files, but also delete originals from your mailbox after conversion is done.

Download Total Thunderbird Converter and clean your mailbox from old letters in a most reliable way.

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Buy Total Thunderbird Converter NOW!
(only $49.90)
   Updated Thu, 30 Apr 2015

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