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Tiff Splitter Command Line

Usage: TiffSplitter <options> <source file> <target folder>
If you have path with spaces, use quotation marks.


  • \f <Folder> - source folder to process
  • \l <File list> - files list to process
  • \r - process subfolders
  • \k - keep directory structure
  • \rsp - rename file by template even if it has one page
  • \jpeg - convert to jpeg
  • \a <90, 270> - rotate picture
  • \o<ask, replace, skip, clear> - overwrite mode
  • \run - immediatly run
  • \s<optional log file name> - silence mode, do not show message, write them into log file

    Note that -list is used when there is a list of files in a file.

    Example: TiffSplitter /f "c:\Source Tiff" C:\Output /jpeg

    That means that Tiff Splitter will take all the files from the folder Source Tiff on disc C, split them and convert to jpeg. The resulting jpeg's will be placed to Output forlder on disc C. Source folder is written in quotation marks as its name consists of 2 words with a space between them.

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