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Our clients: who uses CoolUtils tools?

Softplicity Research has been providing quality software solutions for over sixteen years. Our software is rigorously tested and used by leading technology experts including many Fortune 500 companies. It has found a home in largest corporations, small business, national and local governments, the military, non-profit institutions and educational facilities around the world.
Miller "Thank you for the TotalAudioConverter program, I am very pleased with it. I am digitizing my library of purchased CD's into the lossless FLAC format, and then converting that format into high-bitrate VBR MP3 files for listening on MP3 players. I just wanted to compliment your programmers on the quality and size of the resulting high-quality VBR MP3 files that I converted from FLAC format source. I found that the converted VBR MP3 files, based on the FLAC source files, are typically 20% smaller in size than the same music takes when ripped by Winamp v5.52 into VBR MP3s directly from the source audio CD, and sometimes they even report a higher bitrate than Winamp created from basically the same source. I am very happy with the program, and I am unaware of any audio format available that this program cannot handle."
Neal Miller, President, Miller Systems, Inc.
KeyesTestimonial "I am using the TotalAudioConverter to convert my pastors sermons to MP3's so we can put them on our web site. I have nothing but good things to say about your product. If you would like to hear the result I invite you to our site."

Mr. Michael Reynolds, Keyes Assembly Of God Tabernacle
"Here at Backbone Systems we have record sales and great fun with programming our Internet Applications (CRM mostly). We are very happy with Image2ico. It does its job perfectly."

Hans Fast, Backbone Systems
hbr-inc.com - uses tiff and pdf tools by CoolUtils. HBR is one of the most comprehensive medical billing companies in the country. It is a trusted partner of many physician groups and hospitals.
"We are very happy with your Total HTML Converter."

Christian Flamig - Web-Development
Mr-Money Versicherungsvergleich
TiffTeller, Total Image Converter, Tiff Combine, Image Slicer are the servants of Crowley. Crowley Company is the world leader in commercial imaging solutions.
E-BizDocs, Inc. provides software solutions to all document management needs. TiffSplitter, TiffTeller, Total Image Converter by CoolUtils help them in that.
Los Andes uses CoolUtils tools a lot (Total PDF ConverterX, Total HTML ConvertertX, along with the Pro bundle).
The Dubbs Company designes, builds and installs high quality process equipment and systems. The whole bundle of TIFF and PDF tools from CoolUtils help them in their work.
Paros Technologies, LLC. provides business intelligence centric data and process automation solutions. They are happy owners of both CoolUtils Pro bundle and the set of web-based converters X from CoolUtils.
coolutils clients"I use the audio converter to convert wav files to mp3 to put our church sermons and classes on our website. The program works great for me!"
Anthony Moore
This Slovak IT company is a happy user of Total HTML Converter X.
One of the leading telecommunication companies in Hong Kong purchased the whole bundle after they tried some of our tools.

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