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What is FLI/FLC?

First, we should tell the difference between FLI and FLC, as too often they are taken for different names of one format. In fact those files that have extension .fli are of older format. The new format was not limited to 320x200 resolution and had better compression. The files of the new format got the extension .flc. There is also FLX files which are a slight variation on the standard FLC format. As both names become widespread and refer to the same variations of the same format we use FLI/FLC when describing the formats.

FLI/FLC format appeared in 1993 as an animation format (developed by Autodesk, Inc). FlI/FLC format is widely used for scientific cartoon type movies (animated graphs, etc.). FLI/FLC movies are more deairable than MPEG as 640x480 movies can be played back at reasonable speeds on X11 workstations, PCs and Mac

Rich Signell has a page with all you need to know to get started with FLI/FLC format at:

In case you want to convert FLI/FLC to AVI, MPEG, WMV, 3GP Total Movie Converter is the best choice. Why? Because it is fast, reliable and very user-friendly. It requires no special knowledge and even your granny will convert FLI to MPEG in 2 minutes. Download your free copy now and give it a try.

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Total Movie Converter supports the following conversions with FLI format files:
  • FLI to AVI
  • FLI to MPEG
  • FLI to WMV
  • FLI to FLI (change bitrate or frequency)
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