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What is OGG?

OGG is a bitstream container format for efficient streaming and file compression. It was created in the process of developing a set of components for the coding and decoding of multimedia content which could be both freely available and freely re-implementable in software.

OGG includes a number of separate independent open source codecs for both audio and video. Due to the fact that this format is patent-free and fully open ogg's various codecs have been incorporated into a number of different free and commercial media players.

Its name originates from jargon that means to do something forcefully, possibly without consideration of the drain on future resources. At its inception the Ogg project was thought to be somewhat ambitious given the power of the PC hardware of the time.

While not every audio player supports OGG files many people convert them to MP3. AAC, WAV, or WMA. A reliable converter that is still easy-to-use can be found at Total Audio Converter's home page.

Audio converter
  • OGG to iPod, iPhone, iPad
  • OGG to any cell phone
  • Add music to Archos, PSD, xBox
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Total Audio Converter supports the following conversions with OGG format files:
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