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When choosing an Mp4 to Mp3 converter for exporting music files to mp3 it is reasonable to pay attention to three key factors – functionality, usability and price. If you can’t choose between Total Audio Converter (TAC) and Xilisoft Audio Converter (XAC) the following analysis may help to do this.

Total Audio Converter vs Xilisoft Audio Convetrer

Functionality. The TAC and XAC feature packs are pretty much the same: both act well as MP4 to MP3 converter, support converting in batches, allow adjusting the audio options like quality and channel mode, etc. However, there are a range of significant differences, like the following:

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  1. Using file folders as a source: TAC allows to select one or more file folders for one-time conversion. XAC adds only separate files (if you add the folder, the files it contains are added, but not actually a folder).
  2. The navigation panel in TAC allows to sort the files by title, duration, name, track number, type, etc. XAC has no such ability. It is much easier to find appropriate mp4 sources when they are sorted.
  3. After conversion is done, TAC opens the folder with converted files so you can immediately check results. XAC doesn’t.
  4. TAC allows converting music tracks from YouTube or even ripping CD with no additional utilities. XAC lacks for this functionality.
  Xilisoft Audio Converter
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Usability. TAC’s user interface is definitely the simplest one. First user observes his folders to check off the sources, then defines ‘convert to’ format, an options list pops up and prompts a user to do necessary settings. The whole conversion process takes only seconds. XAC is slightly more difficult for understanding, especially for beginners. If you never did audio conversion before, it will be hard to start with XAC.

Price: the price for TAC is $19.90. You can always download a trial version. The price of XAC is $23.95. The trial version has limitations in functionality.

Xilisoft Audio Converter is a good MP4 to MP3 converter, but compared with TAC it has considerable shortcomings in both functionality and usability. The product from Xilisoft doesn’t justify its price.

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   Updated Fri, 22 Sep 2017

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