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There will be no problems in playing VOX audio files in programs that do not support this format. The solution is very simple - with the help of Total Audio Converter you can export VOX files to any other audio type. As a variant, you can convert VOX to MP4 format, if your player is MP4-compatible. Turning the files to the required type is very easy even for newbies, because Total Audio Converter has a simple user interface with an optimal set of options.

One of its advantages is ability to adjust audio quality. It's always a problem to find a proper balance between file size and quality. In this VOX MP4 converter you can choose any level of quality you need. The program will automatically compress audio data and create MP4 copies with required quality level.

One more option is combining a few files into one MP4 file. This makes easier to store related tracks, like songs of one album or the fragments of one speech record. Being a batch VOX converter it can process any number of files together, either merging them together or exporting into separate MP4 files.

Other useful options include:

Green PlusBuilt-in audio player: plays tracks and shows their characteristics in comfortable view;

Green PlusFragment extractor: this audio converter can export a specific song fragment to MP4 file;

Green PlusCommand line support;

Green PlusAbility to convert tracks for specific device;

Green PlusMultilanguage interface.

If you wish to know how to convert VOX files to MP4 using command line, please check the Help menu of the program. One more way to convert file is using 'convert to' option that appears in the right-click file menu after converter's installation.

With Total Audio Converter you can convert local audio files, extract tracks from YouTube and rip audio CDs. You can download VOX converter in a free demo version to try all these features.

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   Updated Wed, 29 May 2024

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