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CoolUtils Server Bundle

If you need file converters that run on Windows web-servers we got the ones you need. Convert Office documents, images, emails, audio, video, pdf and html files, split or combine PDFs or TIFFs with reliable and powerful CoolUtils products. All server versions include ActiveX. Our programs for web-servers are easy-to-use console tools - no obtrusive GUI or interrupting messages. We offer all of them in a bundle for $1,900 only!

Only $1,900
for 16 products!

Buying all 16 products in a suite is a convenient, quick, and affordable way to do everything you need saving over $500. So you get:

  • 6 powerful document converters (Total PDF ConverterX, Total HTML ConverterX, Total Doc ConverterX, Total XML ConverterX, Total Excel ConverterX, Total CSV ConverterX).
  • 3 multimedia converters (Total Aduio ConverterX, Total Image ConverterX, Total Movie ConverterX)
  • 2 unique email converters (Total Mail ConverterX, Total Outlook ConverterX)
  • 4 handy apps to deal with Tiff and PDF files (PDF CombineX, PDF SplitterX, Tiff PagingX, Tiff CombineX)
  • Total PDF PrinterX to print PDF files in batch via command line
  • ActiveX for all programs
  • Twelve months of free major upgrades
  • One-year subscription to new products (you get them for free)
  • Free tech support
  • Free minor improvements (in case you want some option to be added)

Basically, you get 16 command line apps for the price of 2.

Note that Total Mail Converter Pro X, Total Outlook Converter Pro X, Total Thunderbird Converter Pro X, PDF Combine Pro X, Tiff Splitter Pro X, Total PDF Printer Pro X are not included into the bundle.

Only $1,900 for 16 products! (you save up to $7500)

Support and Upgrades.

Read our support policy to find out support or upgrades options for CoolUtils tools. New registered users get 1 year of software maintenance for free. Paid upgrades are optional. If you keep using your version no other fees apply. Read more

The full list of products in CoolUtils Server Bundle:

  1. Total Image ConverterX
  2. Total Audio ConverterX
  3. Total Movie ConverterX
  4. Total HTML ConverterX
  5. Total PDF ConverterX
  6. Total Doc ConverterX
  7. Total Excel ConverterX
  8. Total CSV ConverterX
  9. Total XML ConverterX
  10. Total Mail ConverterX
  11. Total Outlook ConverterX
  12. Tiff PagingX
  13. Tiff CombineX
  14. PDF SplitterX
  15. PDF CombineX
  16. Total PDF PrinterX

Only $1,900 for 16 products! (you save up to $7500)

Buy Now!
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  • All CoolUtils programs have similar command line params. Once you know how to handle one of them, you know them all. You don't waste time to search for another tool in the web.
  • We are developers, not resellers. We guarantee the quality of our programs and are open to customizations specially for you.
  • Once paid you get all the upgrades for 1 year for free.
  • Prior tech support is also free for registered users.

php sample

Need sample code?
CoolUtils Pro Bundle provides
samples in PHP, C++, ASP, C#.
Get the power of CoolUtils tools with just a few lines of code.


  • I bought Total Doc ConverterX just hours ago. Now I see the offer on CoolUtils BundleX. Can I get the server bundle for the price difference?
    Yes, contact us via this page and we will offer a discount.

  • I will buy a new computer and will have to re-download everything. Will this be a problem?
    We offer free upgrades for the first 12 months after the purchase. During this period we resend the keys for free by your request. As we can't keep the keys for older versions, you may have to purchase upgrades to get the new keys after the first year. The upgrades are offered with a 70% discount.

  • How many servers can I put these applications on?
    One registered copy of CoolUtils app is good for 1 server. If you have a developer and a test server, you should purchase 2 licenses.

  • Can I add your apps into my app with the server license?
    No, you should apply for a royalty-free license for developers. Contact our team for a quote.

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