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How customized products can save your time and effort

Most people today work with files not papers. Contracts, invoices, bank statements arrive as TIFF or PDF files that you have to further process. Sorting out by date or client, converting to other formats, splitting and combining pages - all this involves A LOT OF manual work.

Stop! Let he machine do the routine. CoolUtils software customized for each particular case can save days and even months of time and reduce manul work by 70%. Here are a few stories of our customers who already took advantage of CoolUtils customized sofware solutions:

Request: Sorting invoices (OCR-ed or not)

"We have been using your software for a few months now and are quite satisfied with the performance of each one of them. However, we are looking for a program which can do several things which the programs you provide cannot.

We need software which can automatically determine whether a PDF-file has been OCR-ed or not and can accordingly move the files which have not been OCR-ed to a separate directory. We know you can easily ascertain if a PDF-file has been OCR-ed by using a word count (there are several programs which can count words in a PDF-file) but we need a program which can also see if the PDF-file has no words."

Maarten van de Wouw
BREED Documentconversie

SaveMoney Solution: In two weeks Maarten got the customized version of Total Folder Monitor that watched a folder and automatically sorted the incoming files. OCR-ed files were placed in one folder, non-OCR-ed were placed into another folder. Everything is done automatically and involves min human resources. Hours of time is saved every day. It's hard to estimate the amount of saved money but it is certainly a great sum.

Request: Combining incoming invoices automatically

"We get tiff images from our customer everyday. Each invoice can have 1-3 or 4 pages. They scan each page and place it as individual tiff files. We are first using Tiff Combine to combine pages from same invoice into 1 tiff image.

We are getting around 200,000 of such tiff files every day. The problem we are facing now is the merging is taking a long time. Our folks are able to merge only around 400-500 (max) in an hour."

Mr. Mani Krishnamurthi
Symbiocz Global Solutions

SaveMoney Solution: Just imagine: several people all day long combine pages of invoices. It's awful. Tiff Combined helped them but further customization saved the company months of work and tons of money. We customized the Tiff Combine and it began combining invoices automatically detecting each by a blank page. No more tedious manual work!

Request: Renaming invoices to invoice number for a handy search

"I'm looking for a utility to rename my tif images to my invoice number. I already have file names such as Invoice 123, Invoice 456, etc. I would like to view my tif images of these documents (named with generic names such as 20060221.tif ) and then point to the invoice file name and have the program rename it to that file. That way I can easily find and view these documents by invoice number. Will your Visual Renamer help me accomplish this? If not can you modify or write a program to do so?"

Reid Greene

SaveMoney Solution: Finding invoices by number is rather handy. We customized Visual Renamer so that it solved the problem of renaming Reid's invoices. The tedious manual renaming was automated. All invoices were renamed in a batch in few clicks. If you deal with invoices think how much time and effort you can save if you had such a renaming tool? Probably you can save hundreds of dollars or just several hours for a more enjoyable work.

Request: Saving Emails And Attachments

How can I have my email attachments just copied over straight into my destination directory and NOT into their own subdirectories? I do not care about keeping track of which attachments go to which emails. I just want the emails and attachments to be in the same directory.

SaveMoney Solution: Saving emails for future reference is crucial for business correspondence today. To do that in a batch is even more crucial to every business person who values his/her time. Normally Total Mail Converter saves attachments into subdirectories. But for this specific case we customized the program to save all emails and attachments into one directory.

Request: Print PDFs With A Blank Page In Between

I would like to be able to print a page in between each pdf to separate them in the stack of the printer.

Jami Bolin
Project Facilitator

SaveMoney Solution: That small option may save several minutes per day and that is hours per month. The easier separating different PDF files in the stack of the printer is done. The customer was happy as he didn't pay a penny for that. Minor customizations are free to registered users.

How to apply for a customized version?

CustomizeSoftware Fill in the contact form. Tell us what you need. Describe your project in detail. Our managers will reply you in few hours with a solution. Minor customizations are free to registered users.

Hurry up to book your spot. We do not take many customization requests per month. Otherwise you have to wait till our developers finish previous requests. First come - first served.



  • Customized versions do what you need. Processing invoices is different in each particular case. We provide you with a solution tailored to your needs.

  • We are developers, not resellers. We guarantee the quality of our products.

  • The interface of our programs is easy-to-follw. If you know how to handle one tool, you know them all. You save your time and nerves.

  • Customized versions increase productivity and reduce tedious manual work.

How to apply for a customized version?

CustomizeSoftware Fill in the contact form. Tell us what you need. Describe your project in detail. Our managers will reply you in few hours with a solution. Minor customizations are free to registered users.

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