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TIFF is a multi-page format that can be split into separate pages with the help of specialized programs. A tool that can split TIFF via command line is a TIFF PagingX, a server oriented version of TIFF Paging from CoolUtils.

Working with server applications have simple but specific rules that you will easily get used to. For instance, there is no GUI and all operations are handled in command line interface. In order to split TIFF file into separate parts, you will need to send a command to script located on a server. This command enables file processing, passing all preset parameters to a program. TIFF PagingX can convert separated parts of original TIFF to the following formats:

Green PlusBMP

Green PlusJPEG

Green PlusJPEG200

Green PlusPCX

Green PlusGIF

Green PlusPNG

Green PlusTGA

Green PlusPXM

Besides this it can simply export parts of original file to separate TIFF images. User is able to extract all pages or a specific range. Depending on format you choose this split TIFF command line tool features different settings. For TIFF format it offers compression, graphic transformation, color scheme, file name template and ability to combine every few pages into one TIFF file. For instance, you can create new TIFF file for every 2 pages of the original file.

Being a server application it can work as a separate program or be a part of another web service. ActiveX support makes it portable and flexible in settings. You can even integrate it into a graphic interface, create an online TIFF paging tool based on this script.

This program processes files in batches, and you can work with many files together, processing them by one command. This way TIFF PagingX can be run once for splitting all your TIFF files. It saves a lot of time! Make sure it works like you need using a 30-day free trial version.

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