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Every Tool You Need To Easily Process Tiff and PDF Files


By our experience if one has to combine PDF files he will also need to split them or count pages or convert to another format. The same with TIFF's. Today you search for PDF Combine, tomorrow you waste 2 hours searching for a PDF splitter. Besides, new program will require some time to learn how it works.

We offer you a good solution - Tiff & Pdf Suite by CoolUtils. The suite includes most comprehensive tiff and pdf tools - Tiff Splitter, Tiff Combine, PDF Splitter, PDF Combine, Tiff PDF Cleaner.

If you purchase them separately the total price will be over $250. But if you get them in our Tiff & Pdf Suite you get 60% discount! TIFF & PDF Suite will cost you $89 only!

With TIFF & PDF Suite you will easily:

  1. Split contracts and invoices by pages
  2. Extract any page or pages from TIFF or PDF files (i.e. the 1st page of the file, or 3-7 pages from the file)
  3. Combine pages of invoices, bank statements, etc. into one file
  4. Automatically delete blank pages from faxes and save space
  5. Automatically count pages in multipage documents
  6. Convert PDF to TIFF in 3 simple steps via user interface or command line
  7. Rotate TIFF files for a better view

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60% discount!


Guaranteed Quality
We have been providing quality software solutions for over ten years. Our software is rigorously tested and used by leading technology experts. You can find the list of our clients who have already took advantage of CoolUtils tools on Our Clients page.
  Time saving
Many of our clients first purchased one of CoolUtils tools but then came back again and again. You may take the unique chance to get all tiff and PDF tools at once - TIFF & PDF Suite. Next time you need some software, you don't have to go and search for it in the web. You already have it on your pc!
Ease of use
The interface of all the CoolUtils tools is similar. Once you know how to handle one tool, you know how to handle them all! Say no to hard thinking over another ill-thought tool;)
You save $150 getting all TIFF&PDF tools in a suite. Two copies of PDF Splitter cost more than the whole TIFF & PDF Suite. If you are going to use at least 2 programs from the suite - you save money.

Our users say: "Congratulations on your dilligent support and very functional application. I will not fail to recommend your products and services to my colleagues in the industry."
Andy McKerral
IKON Office Solutions

Full list of products included:

PDF Combine
PDF Splitter
Tiff Combine
Tiff Paging
Tiff Pdf Cleaner

Total $279.10

YOUR price is $89 ONLY!

Bying Tiff PDF Suite from CoolUtils you save over $190! A nice discount to everybody looking for professional software.

"You tiff and pdf tools suite is a life saver for my company. My people work with invoices splitting them by pages and recombining pages in a particuar order and saving them as tiff files. It took them hours to process a dozen of invoices. With your suite everything is done in minutes - we handle all the tools via command line. It doubled our productivity!"
John Gordon, UK

Important: As part of the promotion we will add Total PDF Converter for free to the first 100 buyers of TIFF & PDF Suite. You get a reliable tool to convert PDF files to TIFF, HTML, XLS, TXT ($49.90 value) for free.


Isn't it great to get first-class software to deal with TIFF and PDF files paying just 40% of the normal price?

Buy NOW!
$89 only!

Alternatively you can buy CoolUtils Pro Suite - a great collection of 49 Coolutils programs in one suite for $99 only. Learn more.

"We have just opened our company and our primary work is invoice processing. We currently have a licensed version of your product TiffCombine and we love it."

Mr. Mani Krishnamurthi
Symbiocz Global Solutions
Consulting Small and Medium Businesses

"Your software is fantastic!!"

Laura Dewees
Landmark Engr. & Surveying Corp.

"TiffSplitter runs fine, we have no problem with it. We have it run in command line mode, inside a batch. We use compression to JPeg. That minimizes storage volume, what is pretty good. Your site and download links are O.K. as well. Ordering was no prob. Have a good time!"

Norbert Seffer, IT Manager

"The PDFSplitter tool is very good and works very well in the beginning tests. Great Product!"

Dominik Ingrisch
MediaKom Verlag GmbH & Co. KG
Direkt Marketing Service

"Thank you for your quick responses and pleasant contact! I recommended your program on the forum. I've been searching and trying various other software solutions, but yours gives the best results!"

Michiel van Dijk
Fugro Data Solutions

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