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Convert XM to MP3 in Batch

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Convert XM to MP3 in Batch

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If you are a music fan, then, most likely, you know that when it comes to finding rare songs and albums, weird formats are not a big deal. You will be happy to get the song you are looking for regardless of the format it is saved in. However, when you face a problem opening the downloaded file, you will realize that not all formats are as easy to deal with, as MP3.

One of the rare formats that you might come across is XM. XM is a music module created by Fasttracker 2, an audio tracker program. It is very similar to MOD and S3M, as it also uses MIDI data, only, it is saved in a Fasttracker format. You can open XM files in XMPlay, MilkyTracker, OpenMPT and FMJ-Software Awave Studio. If none of the programs above sounds familiar, then you might want to convert XM into MP3.

If you have lots of XM files, then, certainly, you want to convert XM to MP3 in batch, and for this you need a high-quality batch audio converter. Total Audio Converter by CoolUtils is exactly what you are looking for.

It features numerous functions, simple user interface and an extremely affordable price of just under $20!

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All you need to do to convert your XM files, is:
  1. Download audio converter from CoolUtils website
  2. Install the program following the instructions of the setup wizard
  3. Launch the program from the Stat menu, desktop or via the command line
  4. Tick off the XM files you want to convert from the automatically generated list of files
  5. Set MP3 as target format by clicking on the “MP3” button in the top bar
  6. Press “Start!” to begin conversion with default settings

Since Total Audio Converter has batch conversion mode, you can process hundreds of audio files in just a few simple clicks enumerated above.

Get your free trial version of Total Audio Converter now and see how simple audio conversion can be! Or contact CoolUtils to learn more about this and other products.

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    FREE DOWNLOAD Total Audio Converter Image Tutorial
(only $24.90)
   Updated Wed, 29 May 2024

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