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PDF conversion for Microsoft Word documents is not included into the standard functionality of this text editor. However, converting reports or reviews to PDF is one of the most popular features. It takes a lot of time to convert each document separately, especially for corporate needs. Total Doc ConverterX offers converting Word to PDF via command line that makes the whole process much faster.

Besides quickness this solution has a range of other advantages:

Green PlusYou can convert all the files by one single command

Green PlusSetup any formatting (paper, font, margins) you like

Green PlusEncrypt, sign the converted copies with digital signature for security

Green PlusCombine all documents into one single PDF copy or convert each to separate file

download server word converter

All these settings are easily setup in the command. Appropriate convert Word to PDF command line parameters are defined at the end of the command, after source files address, destination address and target format. One more plus is that one single copy of the program is enough to provide converting functionality to all users of your local network. Just install and set it up on a local server. Additionally, converting options can become a part of some web app. To integrate Word PDF converter ActiveX technology is required. Using it you can also built in the converter into a graphic user interface.

The process of conversion consists of one single action - sending a command to converting application on a server. For this Word PDF converter no GUI is provided. If you deal with lots of conversions, it is suitable to store Word originals in some folder. You can even setup automatic conversion of files that are saved in specific folder. For this you need Total Folder Monitor.

Total Doc ConverterX offers easy installation, multi-user conversions via command line. This server Word converter is available in free trial version. Download it here.

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