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Total Folder Monitor is just one more versatile and user-friendly tool developed by CoolUtils Software Developer Company. It integrates with other software tools developed by CoolUtils and organizes them into a unified system. By aid of Total Folder Monitor, you can have every new PDF files printed automatically, without resorting to any manual action.

If you have invoices or other documents arriving in a designated folder, Total Folder Monitor can easily print them for you automatically. Just make sure your printer is operational and see what it feels like when you get your long-sought-for written stuff laid out on a sheet of paper with just one click of a button!

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How to Print PDF Pages via Total Folder Monitor

Total Folder Monitor can be set to automatically execute various types of predefined operations, including printing. The action is performed once a new file is added to the folder that has been specified for monitoring. This means that a PDF file to be sent to the folder to have the content printed on paper.

To create a task, select New Task. It will appear in the Task List on the left side of the interface. Name the task and specify the folder to be monitored. Specify the number of files and their total size in the folder. The task is activated once the size and the number exceed the specified level after new PDF files are added to the folder. Click Finish. Then click on the link to define new action. This link is present in each of the four colored sectors of the main panel. Select PDFPrinter and set your desired parameters. These include performance mode, paper orientation, tray, page scaling options and quality options. Make sure paper is loaded into your printer. Once you have specified all parameters, click Finish. The tool will start working, and it will continue until you cancel the action.

Total Folder Monitor allows you to specify various tasks for the following occasions:

  1. Run (executed when a new PDF file is added to the folder)
  2. On Success (executed if no errors have occurred during the Run action)
  3. On Error (executed if an error occurs while printing)
  4. On Resume (executed if printing goes well after the error)
Get rid of repetative tasks with Total Folder Monitor! It does all the routine printing job automatically. It is available online, and you can buy it right now or download the free trial version.

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Buy Total Folder Monitor NOW!
    FREE DOWNLOAD Total Folder Monitor 
(only $279.00)
   Updated Mon, 17 Jun 2024

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