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Macromedia Flash (SWF) format was developed to deliver vector graphics and animation in the web and it eventually became very popular. There are lots of Flash video files, Flash games or Flash animation in the web today. Probably you already have some Flash files on your hard drive. The problem comes when you want to share your Flash files with your friends. Are you sure that they have the latest Flash Player installed? No? Then convert your Flash file to AVI. AVI is guaranteed to play back on any video player. Besides, you may want to convert Flash to AVI to create your own DVD collection of your flash movies. AVI is more suitable for that purpose.

Total Movie Converter is the best choice to convert Flash to AVI. The process of conversion is fast and well-thought. The wizard of the program asks you questions, you give answers and press Convert button. In few seconds you get the result - a nice avi file.

Total Movie Converter suggests you to choose the codesc to compress your video. You may either select DivX, XviD or even pick the one from your hard drive. In case you are new to video codesc and do not have any installed on your pc, Total Movie Converter will show you the urls to get the codesc for free.

You may resize the video to reduce file size with Total Movie Converter.

You can select the output audio codec (uncompressed PCM, Quick Time audio, MP3, or any other codes that is located on your hard drive). Changing bitrate you will immediately see how the size of the output file will change (normally the higher bitrate - the larger file size).

What is more important Total Movie Conveter has Part of a File option. If you do not want to convert the whole video but a part of it you will appreciate it. Select the start and end position of the file in built-in viewer and Total Movie Converter will convert that exactly part.

The best part of Total Movie Converter is the simplicity and speed. You convert your video files without hassle and enjoy the process. And you do not have to buy a pig in a poke. Download your free copy now and try it out yourself. You won't find a better value to convert Flash to AVI;)

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Buy Total Movie Converter NOW!
    FREE DOWNLOAD Total Movie Converter Movie Tutorial
(only $29.90)
   Updated Tue, 19 Mar 2024

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