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Convert PST Emails to PDF

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pst to pdf
convert pst to pdf

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Windows XP/2003/Vista/7/8/10

  Converting Outlook email to PDF is one of the safest ways of storing data contained in your email messages. There are lots of converters available online, but Total Outlook Converter is definitely the best. The greatest thing about this program is its ability to convert hundreds of messages in less than no time. The program features an intuitive user interface and therefore it is great for both beginners and advanced users.

Choose Total Outlook Converter if you want:

  • to get a reliable program that can process large PST files;
  • to get the choice of PDF types: PDF, PDF/A or non-searchable PDF;
  • to combine PST into one PDF;
  • to apply bates numbers automatically;
  • to add pagination to your resulting PDFs;
  • to give output files new descriptive names;
  • to be able apply your own settings (page size, orientation, fit-to-page option);
  • to run the email converter via GUI or command line.

How To Convert PST to PDF

In order to convert many PST files at once, you should use batch function. Check as many files as you wish to convert and select PDF. The program wizard will guide you through the whole conversion process. It will help you select conversion parameters and destination folder, so that you can easily find your documents whenever you need.

In order to convert PST to PDF, launch the program and select the folder with messages. Check one or more messages you would like to convert and select PDF. The program will do the entire job automatically.

Total Outlook Convereter has GUI option and command line option, which enables you to run the program from within other applications. The program is available online. You can either purchase the key right now or download the free trial version. Registered users will get free tech support and upgrades regularly.

About PST

PST (Personal Storage Table) is an open file format intended for storing message and calendar copies and other items. The format uses standard Microsoft software tools, which include Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Exchange Client and Windows Messaging. PST files are large in size and quite vulnerable for unsanctioned access, because even password protection does not provide due security of data; therefore, they are best stored in safer and more compact formats.

About PDF

PDF (Portable Design Format) is a software-independent graphic file format that represents text, graphics and images. Since PDF files can be created under any OS or application, they are compatible with all sorts of software and hardware. They may contain variable amounts of pages and can be structured in different fashions.

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Buy Total Outlook Converter NOW!
(only $49.90)
   Updated Sun, 26 Apr 2015

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