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Tiff Combine To Merge Tiff Files

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Very often you end up with lots of Tiff files on your computer, either several single Tiff pages, or many multi-page ones. Scattered in many different folders, it becomes difficult for you to find the ones you want at that particular moment. At other times, you wish to save all your Tiff files onto a CD to add to your collection. For whatever reason, there are times when you need to put all your Tiff files in one place. But how do you do that?

This is when you need a tool as effective as Tiff Combine. It is a unique tool that helps you combine several single and multi-page Tiff files into one Tiff file. This is how it works Ц

Open Tiff Combine and select the separate Tiff files from the list of folders in the left most column. There is also a fast Tiff file search facility to facilitate your work. These files will then appear in a list in the middle of the screen with their type, file size, modified date, and attributes. When clicked on a file, that particular image will open in the mini-screen on the right with its details below. This feature refreshes your memory of the picture. Tick on the files that you wish to combine. Once selected, click on СCombine to TIFFТ. There, itТs that simple Ц your single and multi-page files have been combined into one multi-page tiff file.

Another way to use Tiff Combine is by using the command line.

Other features of Tiff Combine include: it supports both compressed and uncompressed Tiff files; it supports all versions of Tiff files; you may choose different names for different Tiff files; it has a simple and flexible interface; and combining of Tiff files is fast and error free.

Now donТt you think you should get Tiff Combine as a free download to test it out?

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Buy Tiff Combine NOW!
(only $49.50)
   Updated Sun, 14 Dec 2014

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