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PDF Combine X

Server-based PDF Combiner-X version | CoolUtils

PDF Combiner X version | CoolUtils

2012/2016/2019/2022 Server

PDF Combine X is a server-based app to combine PDF files into one multi-page standards compliant PDF and PDF/A document. Install it once on your server and merge PDFs in any way:

  • Combine all PDF files;
  • Combine PDF files by folders;
  • Combine by command name part;
  • The Pro version combines PDF, Word, XLS, RTF, TXT, TIFF, JPEG files into one PDF.

Each file can become a bookmark in the output PDF. The app can also create a clickable table of contents so that you could navigate your multi-page PDF easier.

With PDF Combine X you can encrypt PDFs with a password and set user permissions. Add a text watermark to avoid unauthorized use of your documents.

For legal professionals PDF Combine X offers bates stamping feature. You set the font, color and position of your stamp. Both sequential numbering and starting over with each folder is supported.

Use our straightforward API with just a few lines of code to merge PDFs on the fly. We offer sample code for ASP, C++, PHP. The standard commercial license is good or 1 server; all employees of the company can use it. If you want to redistribute the app to your clients, please, apply for the royalty-free license.

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Examples of PDFCombineX

Combine PDF files With PDFCombineX and .NET

string src="C:\\test\\test1.pdf".Chr(13)."C:\\test\\test2.pdf";
string dest="C:\\test\\DestCombine.PDF";

PDFCombineX Cnv = new PDFCombineX();
Cnv.Convert(src, dest, "-c PDF -log c:\\Combine.log");

MessageBox.Show("Convert complete!");

Combine PDF files With PDFCombineX via ASP

dim C
Set C=CreateObject("PDFCombine.PDFCombineX")
C.Convert "c:\source1.pdf"+Chr(13)+"c:\source2.pdf", "c:\dest.pdf", "-fo"
set C = nothing

Combine PDF files With PDFCombineX and PHP

if (file_exists($dest)) unlink($dest);
$c= new COM("PDFCombine.PDFCombineX");
$c->convert($src,$dest, "-c PDF -log c:\doc.log");
if (file_exists($dest)) echo "OK"; else echo "fail:".$c->ErrorMessage;

Combine PDF files With PDFCombineX and Ruby

require 'win32ole'
c = WIN32OLE.new('PDFCombine.PDFCombineX')


c.convert(src,dest, "-c PDF -log c:\\test\\PDFCombine.log");

if not File.exist?(dest)
  puts c.ErrorMessage

Combine all documents With PDFCombineX and Python

import win32com.client
import os.path

c = win32com.client.Dispatch("PDFCombine.PDFCombineX")


c.convert(src, dest, "-c PDF -log c:\\test\\PDFCombine.log");

if not os.path.exists(file_path):

Combine all documents With PDFCombineX and Pascal

uses Dialogs, Vcl.OleAuto;

  c: OleVariant;
  Source: String;
  C.Convert(Source, 'c:\test\dest.pdf', '-cPDF -log c:\test\PDFCombine.log');
  IF c.ErrorMessage<> Then

Combine all documents With PDFCombineX and JavaScript

var c = new ActiveXObject("PDFCombine.PDFCombineX");
var src="C:\\test\\test1.xlsx/nC:\\test\\test2.docx";
c.Convert(src, "C:\\test\\dest.pdf", "-c PDF");
if (c.ErrorMessage!="")

Combine all documents With PDFCombineX and Perl

use Win32::OLE;

my $src="C:\\test\\test1.docx\nC:\\test\\test2.xlsx";
my $dest="C:\\test\\DestCombine.pdf";

my $c = CreateObject Win32::OLE 'PDFCombine.PDFCombineX';
$c->convert($src,$dest, "-c pdf  -log c:\\test\\PDFCombine.log");
print $c->ErrorMessage if -e $dest;

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Updated Tue, 19 Mar 2024

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