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If you like this program but need a function that does not exist in our program, we can design it for you. As we are the developers not resellers we have the ability of implementing additional options. The customizations is often free to our customers. All you need is to fill in the form below and we will reply you with a solution.

Remember - customized versions save a lot of your time and effort! Things that you do manually can be done by our programs automatically.

custom software for mac   New! All our programs run on Windows only. However, we create custom versions for Mac and Android. Fill in the form below for details.   custom software for android

Success Stories

money Find the stories of our customers who already took advantage of customized software. Find out how much time and money they saved.

Your Name:
Your Company:
Your Email:
What you have:
Example: "I just downloaded and tried this software, and it seems to work very well, particularly when it comes to pdf files (which is my primary concern). I *really* like the fact that it doesn't split table rows at page breaks -- it moves the next row to the new page if needed!"
What you would like to have:
Example: "I got the page footers to print correctly in the pdf files, but I'm wondering if I can change the font and size of the footer text. It would *really* be nice to be able to control that as well..."

As the result:
"Thank you VERY much for your willingness to work with us. Also, thank you for adding the ability to control the font and size for the headers and footers -- that's FAST service!"

Andy Poulsen
Aspiration Innovation, Inc.
Dream. Design. Done.

Find more success stories here.

Customized products

Some people need an additional option, others are looking for a completely new software. If you have a task but can not find a solution contact us. Probably we will develop the tool for you.

There is no right way to order customized products. Just describe your case and the options you need. Here are a few examples of such customization requests:


"I'm looking for a utility to rename my tif images to my invoice number. I already have file names such as Invoice 123, Invoice 456, etc. I would like to view my tif images of these documents (named with generic names such as 20060221.tif ) and then point to the invoice file name and have the program rename it to that file. That way I can easily find and view these documents by invoice number. Will your Visual Renamer help me accomplish this? If not can you modify or write a program to do so?

Thank you,

Reid Greene"

"The company which I represent, E-BizDocs, is looking for an application that can be run in a Windows 2003 environment to process our scanned images to remove blank pages. I have found a product that does this, named iRondo. You can obtain a free 30-day demo at ( The algorithm the program uses is very efficient and does an excellent job for us, however it lacks the ability to process sub-directories within a directory tree (it will only work in the current folder). We are curious to see if you are interested in either modifying one of your current applications to have this feature, or build us a custom application.

We use most of your tools religiously (tiffteller, tiffsplitter, total image converter). Some basic functionality we would need is outlined below:

  • Support for color PDF/A, and bitonal TIFF documents (I can supply a sample images if necessary).
  • Bulk image support (large amount of files)
  • The ability to process images recursively (process sub-directories)
  • Replicate the folder structure in the output location
  • The ability to convert the image to another format during processing would be a plus!
  • This software would be running on a Quad-Dual-Core CPU server, so multi-threading support would be wonderful, or At least the ability to launch multiple instances of the program and manually set the affinity of each process.
Think about it and get back to me, perhaps we can work out a deal. Being a small business ourselves, we would much prefer giving a growing company such as yourselves the business than a large enterprise. We look forward to hearing from you!


Tal Ben-Eliezer System Administrator E-BizDocs, Inc."

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