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How to Convert TSV to XLS


If you've been using Excel for any amount of time, you've almost certainly come across the need to convert a TSV file into Excel's native XLS format. It may or may not be a daily requirement but it will pop up sooner or later. In this article, we will look at some scenarios where converting a TSV file to XLS comes up and outline the many ways that Total CSV Converter can help make this process easier.

Excel, of course, is one of those programs that people either love or hate but there's certainly no getting away from it. Despite the recent rise of alternatives such as Google's online spreadsheet and Apple's Numbers, Excel still dominates the vast majority of offices when it comes to number crunching. There's no mass-market program that offers quite the same range of power and utility to corporate and home users.

There's one aspect of using Excel though that it's fair to say not even its biggest fans relish: opening non-xls file formats. If you find yourself regularly stepping through screen after screen of options when opening a simple CSV file you'll be painfully familiar with this problem.

And of course, the exact same goes for TSV files. If you need to regularly open TSV in Excel or export TSV to XLS it can get pretty tiresome after the first few times.

Luckily our Total CSV Converter, in addition to its wider range of CSV functionality, can handle these types of common tasks with ease.

TSV files (or Tab Separated Value files to give them their full title) are the type of files that tend to show up on a recurring basis in a business setting. They may arrive in the form of a regularly run MySQL or Postgres query that you have to analyse for a report to your department head every week. Or perhaps they're a snapshot of traffic data exported from your web analytics tool that you need to pull apart in Excel.

Either way, once one crosses your desk there tend to be more following swiftly behind. Total CSV Converter gives you a way of quickly processing these files into a format that Excel natively excels at without having to step through the same screens each time.

download Total CSV Converter

You can run the software either via its intuitive and easy to use GUI or directly from the command line. Put the drudgery of having to export TSV to XLS one file at a time behind you and take advantage of Total CSV Converter's batch TSV converter functionality.

You'll be able to store common settings and execute them again at will, saving yourself hours of manual work in the process.

Download our free trial today and start discovering the benefits of fine-tuning your Excel workflow for yourself!


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Updated Thu, 01 Feb 2024

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