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How to Convert DOC to TIFF Command Line

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Doc to TIFF converter

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If you need more than just a DOC converter, you might be interested in Total DOC Converter X available from a software development company, CoolUtils. This program is specifically designed for advanced users who need to convert DOC to TIFF command line on Windows-based web servers.

With CoolUtils DOC TIFF server converter, you will be able to enjoy silent conversion of DOC files to PDF, HTML, XLS, JPG, TIFF, and TXT. The tool supports batch conversion, meaning that you can convert hundreds of DOC files to TIFF and other formats.

download Doc to TIFF converter

Total DOC Converter X can be used via the command line, which is a function that's highly valued by professional programming specialists. All you need to do to convert DOC to TIFF via command line and get no interrupting messages is:

  1. Download Total DOC Converter X from the official website of CoolUtils You can buy the program (the license that is to be used on Windows NT Terminal Server by 10 or less users is priced at under $120) or get the free trial version of the converter. The trial version of Total DOC Converter X can be used for 30 days at no charge.
  2. Open the TotalDocConverterX.exe file and install it by following the instructions of the installation wizard
  3. Open the command line and use the following code:

    DocConverter.exe <source> <destination> <options>, where

    <Source> stands for the folder containing the DOC files you want to convert

    <Destination> stands for the destination folder you want to save converted TIFF files in

    <Options> stands for the actions you want to take

    For example, enter the following code for a simple conversion of DOC files saved in the “My documents” folder into TIFF:

    DocConverter.exe C:\My Documents\*.DOC C:\TIFF\ -cTIFF

The full list of options for conversion via command line is available on the official website of CoolUtils.

To learn more about Total DOC Converter X and the Active X version, please, contact CoolUtils customer support team via e-mail or online feedback form.

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   Updated Tue, 04 Jun 2024
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