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Convert HTML To XLS Command Line

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Sometimes it is reasonable to convert HTML to XLS, if you found some data tables online, and want to make them editable at MS Excel. If you need this feature to be available for numerous users, try Total HTML ConverterX, a converting tool for working on local or remote web-servers. It is an excellent command line HTML converter for local networks or web-services that imply multi-user access to the same application.

Being a server tool, X-converter is managed via command line. With the help of simple codes you can set any parameters available at desktop version of the converter. The only difference is that there is no graphic interface, and the program is launched via command line. The parameters look similar to what you've used in the desktop version. Each command includes the following:

  • Program launch (HTMLConverter.exe)
  • Address of sources
  • Address for the future XLS copies
  • Options

command line html converter

As for the options, here you can define the format of the output files. For instance, you can adjust this HTML to XLS command line utility to give you the copies of specific size, margins, headers and footers, paper size, etc. You can customize the appearance of originals, if they do not suit your requirements. It is very convenient to change them without editing in specialized applications. Everything is done on the move, with the aim of one single converter.

Using convert HTML to XLS command line on a web server you make it available for many users. One converter's copy can serve for ten users at a time. Their requests for conversion will be properly processed. It is perfect for local network or web-based applications.

The process of conversion for numerous users can become automated, if you install Total HTML ConverterX together with Total Folder Monitor. Try all these benefits now in your own environment for free, and get your HTML conversions perfectly done!

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