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Combine JPEG images into 1 Multi-pgae PDF file

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Total Image Converter is the most time-saving utility for exporting images into various formats. It doesn't only convert graphic files, it can also combine original images into one result file. This way a batch of JPEG files can become one multi-page PDF document.

Traditionally users run such conversions using graphic interface. Everything is simple:

Green PlusYou select all JPEG files you'd like to combine

Green PlusCheck them off in the list

Green PlusPress "PDF"

Green PlusIn the "Select destination" tab choose "Combine images into one…"

Green PlusMake other settings if necessary

Green PlusClick on the "Start!" button

Other settings include page formatting, transformation (crop, resize, etc.), PDF properties and watermark. These are not mandatory settings, they just help to adjust future PDF copy for further use. Watermark protection is useful to provide securing from unwanted use of your documents by third parties.

A big advantage of Total Image Converter is ability to make all image transformations in one action. You can convert, format and combine images at once, with no need to process them in graphic editor. In addition to user interface, you can run such conversions from the command line. This mode is available in Windows in the cmd dialogue. A typical command for combining JPEG images from the "Test" folder into one PDF file is:

ImageConverter.exe C:\Test\*.jpeg C:\Result –cPDF -cimt onefile

Additionally you can use various conversion parameters. For instance, you can resize images by adding the "-s <Width>x<Height>" parameter. For setting up PDF paper size use the "-ps" command. All options are described in Help menu of Total Image Converter. You can make a few experiments to get familiar with them. Mention that by default the program doesn't delete original files, and you can be sure they will not suffer from any of your experiments.

Combining images together will become an easy thing with Total Image Converter. Your helper is here!

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    FREE DOWNLOAD Total Image Converter Image Tutorial
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   Updated Thu, 04 Apr 2024

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