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Home License
Personal use at home.


Commercial License
Commercial use for 1 person in legal business, commercial or government environment.


Special offer!

Server License
SDK to convert emails on your company's Windows server.


Site License
Commercial use for up to 50 employees of one company
(both GUI and command line).


Forensic License
For forensic analysis used by a single technician, analyst or investigator.


Royalty-free License
Redistribution rights of a custom branded build with your product.

"Yes we are very happy with Total Mail Converter Pro. At this time all we are using it for is to convert emails into PDFs. This product drastically reduces the amount of time that it was previously taking as the tool includes converting attachments into a single PDF that is associated with the email that it was attached to."
Thanks, Sean
AESO https://www.aeso.ca

EULA, Support and Upgrades.

Find our End User License Agreement here. Support and upgrades are sold as yearly Maintenance plans. New registered users get 1 year of software maintenance for free. Further upgrades are offered with the 70% discount. Paid upgrades are optional. If you keep using your version no other fees apply.

License Explanation

  • Home License:
    If Total Mail Converter Pro is licensed under Personal Use License you may use one copy of the app on two (2) client devices solely for personal use. "Personal Use" shall mean personal non-commercial use, and not on behalf or for the benefit of any clients and excludes any commercial purposes whatsoever, which include without limitation: advertising marketing and promotional materials/services on behalf of an actual client, employer, employee or for your own benefit, any products that are commercially distributed, whether or not for a fee, any materials or services for sale or for which fees or charges are paid or received.

  • Commercial License:
    If Total Mail Converter Pro is licensed under Commercial Use License you may use the app for personal or commercial use in accordance with published functionality of the app. "Commercial Use" shall mean any operation of the product for legal business, commercial, or government purpose in accordance with documentation. One purchased license for any version entitles you to operate one copy of Total Mail Converter Pro on one (1) client device. Educational institutions (universities, colleges, schools) apply for a commercial license with the 50% discount.

  • Server License:
    Total Mail Converter Pro can be used by a server via command-line for automatic converting in your office. ActiveX is included. One server license restricts to one server and one account. If several employees will get access to the product from local machines, apply for a site license instead.

  • Site License:
    Total Mail Converter Pro can be used by up to 30 employees of your company or organization. If you have 100+ users, please, apply for an enterprise license via contact form (the price per user will be much cheaper).

  • Forensic License:
    Total Mail Converter Pro can be used to perform tasks that include e-discovery, forensic examination, and archiving. This license is not limited to mail accounts as long as it is used by one person who purchases the license.

  • Developer License:
    You may implement Total Mail Converter Pro into your product and distribute the program to third parties as an integral part of such product. Use it to add email conversion functionality to your system without developing your own app. Your customers are unaware that CoolUtils app is inside, no additional registration from them is required. Please, contact us for a quote.

With any questions or concerns please contact us via support form.

commercial use

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