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batch eml converter

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Total Mail Converter Pro easily converts EML files to PDF, DOC, TXT, TIFF, HTML, or other file types. Now you can open your emails outside your email client. When you convert hundreds of eml files, it's crucial to properly rename them. Total Mail Converter Pro has built-in renamer to give your files descriptive names. You can either add a counter or a date or insert email fields in the file name (i.e. Date-Sender-Subject.pdf).

Why this tool is called 'batch EML converter' is because it features an option, which allows users to process hundreds of email messages at the same time.

Total Mail Converter Pro is unique: it converts attachments along with the emails. So if your EML files have attached messages or attached images or any other files, the program will turn all of them to the format of your choice.

download batch EML converter

How to batch-convert messages

Run the program and get it going right now:

Green PlusFind the folder with your MSG or EML files in the folder tree and click it. A list of messages will show up in the middle section of the screen.

Green PlusTo convert eml in batch, tick the "Check all" option below. Thus you will set the program to convert all the objects in the folder. Tick "Include subfolders" to set the program to convert the content of the subfolders, if any, as well.

Green PlusSelect the target format and check the wizard's options:

  • Destination allows you to set the tool to save your output files in a certain folder. Also, you can choose to either save your messages as separate files or combine them into one big file and choose folder structure in a similar way.

  • File name will help you name your output files according to a certain pattern. Here you can choose whatever file name template you prefer.

  • The Fields option allows you to choose whatever field you want to export (sender, recipient, body, etc.)

  • Attachments gives you a choice of actions, which you can do to files attached to your messages (convert, unzip, fit to page, etc.)

  • Appearance gives you a choice of options allowing you to lay out your documents as you need.

  • Header/Footers are optional in terms of position, fonts, etc. Besides, you can specify a document, starting from which these will be applied.

  • In the Document tab, you can select more parameters that shape your output files, including encryption, which allows you to protect your documents against unsanctioned use.

Green PlusAfter choosing these settings, press "Start" and wait.

Total Mail Converter Pro is tailored to meet the highest performance and usability standards. Built in a highly intuitive way, it turns conversion process into a pleasure cruise for even a first-time user. Many users have bought it shortly after making first steps with this program.

Apart from batch option, this converter has lots of other options. For instance, you can either save several emails as separate files of combine them into a single file. Also, you can set the program to process a handful of files and launch batch EML conversion including attachments. This batch mail converter makes MSG and EML messages into DOC, RTF, PDF, TXT, TIFF, HTML and HTMLX.

Download our free trial version and test-drive it right-now! This version will be functional for 30 days only.

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Buy Total Mail Converter Pro NOW!
    FREE DOWNLOAD Total Mail Converter Pro 
(only $129.90)
   Updated Mon, 20 May 2024
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