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Many people prefer software like Outlook Express and Mozilla Thunderbird to online-based mail services like Gmail, Hotbox and others. If you are the one who uses Mozilla Firefox, you might know that the most common problem associated with it is limited space. You cannot store thousands of e-mails or, even if you can, you can barely navigate through them. Another problem is the risk of losing all your letters in case of the system failure.

The best way to resolve these issues is to back up all the e-mails you have in your mailbox. Of course, you can do so by manually copying and pasting the e-mails, but you certainly understand it will take ages. If you want to get the work done in a flick of a wrist, consider downloading special Mbox converter that allows to process collections of electronic mail messages (Mbox files) into more user-friendly formats.

Many people prefer to convert Mbox to PDF, instead of DOC or TXT or TIFF. The reason seems to be obvious: PDF files are supported by lots of programs and devices and are very safe as they cannot be edited.

If you have Mozilla Thunderbird installed on your computer, you might be interested in software that is customized to this e-mail client. One of the best products available on the market is Total Thunderbird Converter. Having been developed by CoolUtils, this tool, as it can be seen from the name, is specially adjusted to Thunderbird. This makes conversion of Mbox files automatic and simple.

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Total Thunderbird Converter supports PDF format, as well as a number of other popular formats like MS Word's DOC, TXT, TIFF, HTML and even XLS. The input formats are Mbox and EML.

Apart from the extensive functionality and Thunderbird-adjusted settings, this CoolUtils converter is very reliable. All new customers who sign up for this tool will get 24/7 customer support,. and maintenance for free for 1 year! But here's the best part: Total Thunderbird is free to evaluate the quality! Do not waste your money on software you've never used! Try first and then make the purchase decision!

Windows 98/2000/NT/XP/2003/Vista/7

Interface languages: English, Spanish, German, French, Russian, Japanese

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   Updated Wed, 05 Jun 2024
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