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Total Thunderbird Converter Pro

Convert Thunderbird emails to PDF, DOC, TXT, HTML, TIFF, EML.

Total Thunderbird Converter - Pro Version | CoolUtils.


Do you want to backup your mail archives and make sure that the archives are easily readable by independent tools (e.g. any web browser or txt reader) not just Thunderbird client? We have created a great too for that. Total Thunderbird Converter Pro easily converts emails from your Thunderbird emails client to DOC (WORD), PDF, HTML, TXT, TIFF. You can also import your MBOX file. The app runs in a batch mode so you can export thousands of emails in one go.

  • Total Thunderbird Converter Pro also converts attachments to the desired format along with emails.
  • With Total Thunderbird Converter Pro users can adjust fonts, styles and colors of output documents.
  • The converter supports advanced PDF export options. Users can encrypt the final PDF file and protect it from being copied or modified. The latest version adds a digital signature as well. More options..

Total Thunderbird Converter Pro is a unique tool to convert both email and attachments. It features a well-planned interface so new users do not get lost in settings. Download your trial copy for free now.

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Total Thunderbird Converter Pro Customer Reviews 2024

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Rated 4.7/5 based on customer reviews
5 Star

I have used TotalThunderbirdConverter to successfully turn ten years' worth of T-Bird's unwieldy giant mail file into a series of text files in folders. Whew, your program saved my mail collection.

Overall, this utility works well. The interface is pretty enigmatic, however. For the life of me, I couldn't figure out what the command, "Open Mailbox ..." is meant to accomplish -- nothing, in my case.

I'm a software guy -- game developer -- and I do some programming, so I'm not exactly naive, but I *loathe* command-line interfaces. I suggest you look through all those cryptic switches and get them into menus for those of us who want all the utility's functions without studying for a college exam. Basically, a great program ... needs refinement."

5 Star Hal Barwood

Update: now users can make settings in GUI and get ready-to-use command line! No need to learn the params.

Unique options of Total Thunderbird Converter Pro

thunderbird converter
Total Thunderbird Converter Pro can import emails from your Thunderbird profile or MBOX file.

Attachments are sometimes more important than email bodies. Total Thundeerbird Converter Pro can convert attached files to PDF, DOC and other formats together with email bodies. No other email converter can do that!

mbox to eml
Migrate to Windows Live Mail, Outlook Express or any eml-based client with MBOX to EML option.

combine emails
Combine several emails into one multi-page PDF or TIFF or DOC file.

/images in emails
Some emails can have links to images in the web. Total Thunderbird Converter can save you time and traffic if you activate "not to access internet for images" option.

Total Thundeerbird Converter Pro simplifies migration too! Migrate from Apple Mail to Outlook or Windows Live Mail. Turn your MBOX file into individual EML files or one PST file in 3 clicks.

Get detailed reports on your emails. Report columns can be: sender, recipient, date, CC, BCC, date of creation, delivery date, headers, etc. You can print out the report or export it to PDF, DOC, XLS, CSV and many other formats.

Total Thunderbird Converter has a clear, easy-to-follow interface. You never get lost in settings!

thunderbird formats
A lot of output file types: emails to DOC, PDF, XPS, HTML, XHTML, TXT, TIFF, EML, PST!

What happens if you get emails from different time zones? To keep them in chronological order our Thunderbird converter can switch their dates to UTC (Coordinated Universal Time). It is very convenient!

thunderbird to outlook
Our app will help you to migrate from MBOX to Office Outlook with MBOX to PST option.

thunderbird to pdf
Preview each email to make sure it is what you need right inside the program.

email fields
Unlike other email converters Total Thunderbird Converter Pro can convert only selected fields (sender, recipient, subject, body, etc). Get rid of the info you don't need!

page counters
Add page counters or stamp bates! The app can type any text to the footer or the header of the file (dates, company's name, bates numbers, confidential notes, etc.)

thunderbird to pdf
When you convert MBOX to PDF you can define document properties, password protect, set user permissions, sign with your digital signature. Total Thunderbird Converter Pro can produce PDF, PDF/A and non-searchable PDFs.

command line
Total Thunderbird Converter can be run via command line. You don't have to learn the params: make settings in GUI and get the ready-to-use command line.

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Updated Mon, 20 May 2024

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(only $99.90)


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Total Thunderbird Converter Pro Preview2
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Supported Email Conversions:

  • Export Thunderbird Emails With Attachments To Word
  • Export Thunderbird Emails With Attachments To PDF
  • Export Thunderbird Emails With Attachments To TIFF
  • Export Thunderbird Emails With Attachments To TXT
  • Export Thunderbird Emails With Attachments To Text
  • Seamonkey Converter
  • MBox To HTML
  • MBox To Excel
  • MBox To TIFF
  • MBox To Text
  • MBox To EML
  • MBox To PST
  • Convert Unix Mail Box
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