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Print PDF And Choose Tray

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 print pdfTotal PDF Printer is a new software tool intended for creating printouts of PDF documents. Handling PDF Printer is as productive as it is simple. There are few tools out there permitting you to print as many PDF documents as you wish in just one click of a button.

This PDF Printer has a robust interface. It does not take a lot of expertise to operate this program. Actually, it does everything in for you. This will make your work less tough and more productive. Just print PDF and choose tray conveniently!

Total PDF Printer features batch function, by aid of which you can print scores of documents in one go. You are not going to have to print each document separately. Check-mark all the files contained in your selected folder and get the ball rolling.

You can also set the program to print PDFs by time/date. This option saves you a lot of routine manual work. With Total PDF Printer you will manage three times as much work each day than you have managed so far!

How to Print PDF

Printing PDF is as easy as a bee. Run the utility and select a folder with PDFs contained in it from the folder tree on the left. There will be a file list on the right. If you need to print one or a few documents, check them manually. If you would like to print PDF in batch, click Check All. All the files will be checked automatically. If there are some documents you do not want to print, uncheck them manually. If you have changed your mind, click Uncheck All. When you have selected your files, click Start.

The wizard will steer you the right way. It gives you a series of options, so that you can trim your pages as you see fit. The printer option permits you to select printer to print. Next comes Orientation, where you can rotate and set your preferred orientation (portrait or landscape).

Then you can choose your preferred tray, specify paper size and set printing quality.

When batch-printing, do not forget to use separators. This will help you sort out your pages.

Total PDF Printer is shareware. You can either buy it right now or download the free trial version and have a 30-day training course. It will take less than 5 minutes to see how it works! Registered users will receive free tech support and regular updates.


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Buy Total PDF Printer NOW!
(only $49.90)
   Updated Thu, 23 Oct 2014

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