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Convert HTM to DOC In Batch GUI + Command Line


HTML is obviously a great format for displaying content to the world online but there are many times you want to get that content into a DOC file. This could be for archiving, presenting, annotating, sharing or editing. Moving content over by hand is not a task for the faint-hearted, particularly if you are dealing with a huge amount of files.

Total HTML Converter is designed with batch conversion in mind. In addition to being able to convert HTM to DOC in batch, you can also use it to output TXT, JPEG, TIFF, PDF and XLS files.

Here are some highlight features of this powerful HTM conversion software:

  • Handles all HTML tags with ease, regardless of how complex your page markup happens to be.
  • Insert custom elements such as headers, footers, pagecount and image watermarks in your documents.
  • Convert live web pages by simply entering the relevant URL and letting the software handle the rest.

Total HTML Converter handles all sorts of output files but it's particularly useful for generating DOC files without having to manually step through files.

You can choose whether print backgrounds or load images and also have the option of turning off JavaScript entirely. The software is smart enough to be able to stop slow-running scripts automatically in the background also.

You are also covered when it comes to getting formatting just right. You have total control over page layout, orientation, margins and fit-to-page options.

Like all of our other conversion solutions, you can run Total HTML Converter in two ways. You can run it directly from the command line - very handy for more technical users. You can also use the intuitive GUI version with its handy wizards.

If you're looking to include Total HTML Converter's functionality in your own applications, check out the ActiveX-enabled server version: Total HTML Converter X.

Total HTML Converter is incredibly affordably priced but you don't even need to put your hand in your pocket to discover its true power. Download a fully functional, 30-day free trial of the software today and discover how much time and effort it can save you and your team!

Total HTML Converter runs fine on Windows Vista/7/8/10/11.


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Updated Wed, 18 May 2022

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