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Word to HTML Converter


One of the challenges that many people face when they want to publish their Microsoft Word documents online is how to convert them to HTML format. The solution is document management with CoolUtils! Our cutting-edge software offers a hassle-free solution for converting DOC files to HTML effortlessly.

That's why Total DOC Converter is a great solution if you want to convert Word to HTML in a fast and easy way. Our Word to HTML converter can handle any type of Word file, preserve the original formatting and layout, and convert single files or batch files at once.

How to Convert DOC to HTML Quickly?

Wondering how to convert Word DOC to HTML quickly and effortlessly? If you need to convert Word DOC to HTML online, you can use the Word to HTML converter utility provided by CoolUtils. This is a free online tool that allows you to convert one document at a time, without any regularity.

You don't need to download anything; just upload your file and click on the convert button, and you will have a DOC to XHTML online conversion. Our feature to convert Word to HTML online will generate the HTML code for your documents, which you can copy and paste into your web page or save as an HTML file.
Main Interface of Doc to XHTML Converter

Word to HTML Converter Download

For users with more robust needs, such as the need to batch convert Word documents to HTML, the Word to HTML converter by CoolUtils is a must-have tool. Whether you need to convert a single Doc file or hundreds of them, this tool for Word doc to HTML conversion can handle it with ease and speed. You can also customize the output settings to suit your preferences and requirements.

Downloading and installing the World to HTML Converter is effortless, and you can use the intuitive interface to convert a Word document to HTML in just three steps. You can even create a Bat command line file that can allow you to automate the conversion process and avoid repetitive tasks.

Convert a Word document to HTML for free without sharing your information or providing payment details. Our converter comes free with a 30-day trial for personal use;

Word into HTML Conversion Features

So, what features can you expect when you use the Total Outlook Word doc to HTML converter to convert Word to HTML? Here are some of the benefits of this powerful and versatile tool:
Feature Description
Layout preservation Preserves the original formatting, layout, images, and hyperlinks of your Word documents in the HTML output.
Multiple input formats Supports all versions of Word, from Word 97 to Word 2019, as well as RTF and DOCX formats, but also DocX, DocM, RTF, RVF, and TXT files.
Customizable conversion settings You can customize the HTML conversion settings, such as the title, charset, inline CSS, headers & footers, document margins, and more.
Batch processing Handles batch conversion of multiple Word Doc files to HTML at once, saving you time and effort.
Empty paragraphs Will automatically remove empty paragraphs from your Word documents and apply word wrap, making them more compact and readable in HTML.
Command line support Advanced users can run the Total Doc Converter via the command line by creating bat files.
Multiple output formats Can also convert Word to HTML, XLS, JPG, TIFF, text, and PDF files.
Free full version You can try many advantages of the tool for free.

Why Use the Word to HTML Converter?

So, why should you use our Doc Converter? Here are five reasons why our software is the best choice when you need to convert Word to HTML:

  • Easy to use: It comes with a great interface that lets you convert Word DOC to HTML with formatting in just a few clicks. You don't need any coding skills or technical knowledge to use it.
  • Saves time: You'll find time-saving features that make your work more efficient, such as the ability to filter between different file formats and automatically scan folders for Doc files.
  • Gives you control: Our software lets you set the conversion parameters according to your needs. You can choose the output format, quality, size, and more.
  • Advanced mode: You can do your conversion by setting command-line parameters, ensuring you get the converted HTML files you want.
  • Ultimate flexibility: Our software gives you the ability to convert not only Doc files to HTML but also to PDF, XLS, JPG, TIFF, and text. You can also work with other input files, such as RTF, ODT, TXT, and more. You can also work with Word files created by Google Docs and other online platforms.
With our software, you can easily convert a Word document to HTML and get high-quality output files that preserve the original formatting and layout. Download it today and see for yourself!

Word to HTML Converter Specifications

Full Software NameTotal Doc Converter
DescriptionTotal Doc Converter is a versatile tool that can convert not only Doc but also DocX, DocM, RTF, RVF, and TXT files into various output formats. Whether you need HTML, PDF, XLS, JPG, TIFF, or text, Total Doc Converter can handle it with ease.
ProcessorAt least 2.4 GHz
Minimum Hard Drive Space193.2 MB
Operating SystemWindows
Trial versionDownload it now and enjoy unlimited conversions for 30 days, free of charge! Discover all the features and benefits of this versatile tool!

How to Convert Word to HTML?

Wondering how to convert Word Doc to HTML with the Total Doc Converter? You can quickly and easily convert Word to HTML in the program by following the prompts. Here is a quick preview of the process:

Prerequisite: Download the setup file for the Word DOC to HTML conversion and open it to launch the setup wizard.
Setup of Doc Converter

Step 1:

Open Total Doc Converter
Main Screen of Doc Converter

Step 2:

Choose the folder with your documents, and use the filter to filter for Microsoft Doc files.
Doc Converter Filter

Step 3:

Choose the documents to convert, and select convert Word to HTML from the top sub-menu or from Process> Convert to> HTML.
Doc Converter Filter

Step 4:

Select the destination folder that will contain your converted files.
Doc Converter Wizard Destination

Step 5:

Specify the properties of the final file.
Doc Converter Wizard Properties

For more customization, you can edit the command-line parameters.
Doc Converter Wizard Finish

Step 6:

Begin the conversion process.
Doc Converter Process

That's all it takes to convert Word to HTML format! Find it by viewing your converted files.


How to convert DOC to HTML online for free?

Use the free online converter tool by CoolUtils to convert DOC to XHTML or HTML in only a few steps:
  • Upload your file.
  • Specify the format as HTML or XHTML.
  • Save your converted file in your specified folder.

Can I convert Word to HTML in a batch?

Yes, our Total Outlook Doc Converter Pro allows you to batch convert MS Word files in various formats from the user-friendly GUI or by creating a command-line command.

Can I convert DOCX to HTML?

One way to convert word documents to HTML is to use the Save As option in Microsoft Word. Another option is to use document conversion software such as Total Doc Converter, which can convert DOCX files to HTML and other formats with ease and accuracy.

What is the best Word to HTML converter software?

Total Doc Converter is one of the best Word to HTML converter software programs. It can convert any Word document to HTML in a few clicks without losing any of the original features. You can choose from different file formats, such as HTML or XHTML.

How to convert HTML to Word?

Our platform also provides software that allows you to convert HTML to Word. It also gives you the ability to export Word documents to other formats for maximum flexibility.


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