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How to convert MHT to PDF


Total HTML Converter is best known for its ability to convert all manner of HTML content but that's not all it can do. The software also handles the slightly more obscure MHT format.

MHT is a web page archive format that stores complete web pages including animation, images, Java applets, audio files and all associated links. Because of the range of elements they can store, MHT files can be very tricky to convert. Luckily Total HTML Converter is more than up to the taks.

Total HTML Converter can easily convert MHT files to PDF, DOC, XLS, JPG, TIFF and TXT files. Dealing with potentially hundreds or thousands of files? Not a problem. The software is specifically designed with batch conversion in mind. A couple of clicks is all you need to fly through any amount of files.

Here are just a few of the program's powerful features:

  • Add custom elements to pages such as dates, times, page counters and more - perfect for stamp bates. You can also add image watermarks to your output.
  • Convert live web pages by simply entering the URL you want to target.
  • Total HTML Converter automatically handles all possible HTML tags. Even complicated page markup will be converted with ease.

Total HTML Converter can output MHT archives to multiple formats but it's particularly powerful when converting to PDF. You can add digital signatures to your files and set user permissions.

A handy fit-to-page option is available to save you hours of manual fiddling with files. You also have full control over options such as paper size, orientation and margins. In addition, you can control output settings such as image resolution, grayscale settings and JPEG compression. These are very handy for stopping your PDFs from being too large.

Total HTML Converter can be called directly from the command line or run via its intuitive graphical interface. If you spend most of your day in the terminal anyway, the former option will prove incredibly convenient. The easy to use GUI, on the other hand, is perfect for users of all levels of technical ability. Easy to follow wizards will guide you through all common functionality.

If you are looking to integrate the power of this software into your own applications, be sure to check out the server-based version of the software - Total HTML ConverterX.

You can check out all the features Total HTML Converter has to offer by downloading a fully functional, 30-day free trial. Don't delay, start taking control of your conversions today!

Windows Vista/7/8/10/11

"We use TotalHTMLConverter in one of our medical software products to generate PDF reports. Our software produces HTML output which is then being converted by means of this tool. We have chosen TotalHTMLConverter by CoolUtils because of ease of use and integration in our product. Our technical questions during the integration process have always been answered quickly and fully satisfactory. The tech support has been wide above what we are used to and we can fully recommend not only this product but also the company."

Dr. Bernhard Wandernoth
EEG Info - www.eeginfo.com


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Updated Tue, 02 Jul 2024

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