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CoolUtils' Total HTML Converter is a file conversion software that lets you convert HTML files to PDF and other formats offline. You can customize the look and feel of your PDF output with various options available in both GUI and command line modes. You can also convert MHT, EPUB, and MHTM files with ease. Whether you want to save web pages for offline viewing, archiving, or sharing, Total HTML Converter is the solution you need.

How to Convert HTML to PDF Fast?

Do you need to convert one file, and wondering how to save HTML as PDF? CoolUtils offers an online HTML-to-PDF converter that allows you to quickly and easily process individual HTML files to a portable document format. You can change HTML to PDF in mere minutes. To tackle the challenge of how to turn HTML into PDF, just follow these three steps:
  1. Upload the HTML web page code;
  2. Choose the conversion options and convert HTML to PDF;
  3. Download the converted PDF to your device.
Converting HTML to PDF with our online tool gets the job done quickly and for free.
Online HTML to PDF Interface

HTML to PDF Converter: Download Free Trial

Wondering how to save an HTML file as a PDF offline and on a PC without using online tools? Look no further than Total HTML Converter, a professional and reliable solution designed for customers who need to perform frequent or batch conversions with high quality and accuracy.

Total HTML Converter offers you advanced configuration options. It allows you to do the following while converting HTML to PDF:

  • Set the file name template to assign names to each page;
  • Choose the HTML engine;
  • Autoformat cells;
  • Modify the PDF quality;
  • Add headers and footers;
  • Include watermarks;
  • Adjust the appearance of the final document.

Download the software from our website and convert HTML pages to PDF for free with the 30-day trial. You will be amazed by how easy and fast it is to save HTML to PDF!

HTML to PDF Conversion Features

If you need to convert HTML to PDF, you can use our tool, which offers advanced customization options. You can adjust the final appearance of your PDF file with features available in both GUI and command line.
Insert backgrounds or watermarksAdd custom images or text as backgrounds or watermarks to your PDF files
Security settingsApply password protection, digital signatures, encryption, and permissions to your PDF files
Page countersInsert page numbers, dates, or other information
Generate text-only optionsGenerate PDF files that contain only text, without images or other elements
Headers and footersAdd headers and footers to your PDF documents, to display titles, logos, or other information on every page
Merge multiple filesCombine several HTMLs into one PDF to create a single document or a booklet
Multiple file formatsChoose from a variety of output formats, such as PDF, XLS, JPEG, PNG, GIF, TXT, RTF, EMF, SVG, XHTML, EML, URL, and more

How to Convert HTML to PDF with Total HTML Converter?

CoolUtils allows you to convert webpage files to PDF format in several simple steps. To begin, install the free trial and save your HTML file on your computer. During the conversion, you can customize the output settings, such as page size, orientation, margins, and encryption. Follow these steps to convert HTML code to PDF:

Step 1: Install the HTML conversion tool

Download and install the Total HTML Converter.
Main Window of HTML Converter

Step 2: Add your HTML web pages

Find your HTML files to convert. After navigating to the desired folder, you can use the filter options to find your files.
Filter of HTML Converter

Step 3. Set the file format

From the top sub-menu, select PDF or go to Process > HTML.
Destination Formats of HTML Converter

Step 4: Set the PDF conversion settings

Customize the conversion settings to suit your preferences. Set the destination folder:
Destination HTML Converter

Choose options to customize how to load links and HTML files:
HTML Options Converter

Step 5: PDF-convert web pages

After configuring the export options, click on Start to get HTML converted to PDF.
HTML Converter Finish Wizard

Step 6: View your PDF document

The HTML export to PDF with CoolUtils HTML converter is now completed. You can view your converted pages using your default PDF viewer.
HTML Converter Result PDF

HTML to PDF Converter Specifications

Full Software NameTotal HTML Converter
DescriptionTotal HTML Converter allows you to convert HTML files to PDF and other formats. You can access security settings to protect your output files and add advanced customization options.
Supported files types
  • IE Webachrive (MHT, MHTM, MHTML, EPUB);
  • Presentations (PPT, PPTX);
  • Markdown (MD);
  • Electronic books (EPUB, FB2);
  • SMS text messages (VMSG, VMG);
  • Internet shortcuts (URL).
ProcessorAt least 2.4 GHz
Minimum Hard Drive Space193.2 MB
Operating SystemWindows
Trial versionFree trial for the next 30 days!


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