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Convert EML to TIFF

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convert eml to tiff

convert eml files to tiff

  There standard format for faxing is TIFF, and if you need to send email information by fax (commercial letters, press releases, etc.), it is better to store emails in TIFF. This is a graphic format supported by many viewers, so there will be no problems with reading TIFF files. While this feature is rather popular, many users can't find how to convert EML to TIFF, especially in commercial scale, like office correspondence. The problem can be solved simply by purchasing the EML converter with TIFF support, like Total Mail Converter. It offers wide range of facilities, fast conversion in batches that will save a lot of time.

If you try Total Mail Converter in trial version, to see its power, you will be pleasantly surprised.

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The window contains file manager displaying all .eml files available on computer, and the format bar with all formats for conversion. Here you can select one or a few or even the whole folder of eml files and perform its conversion in one simple action. All you need is to check required source files, click on TIFF button in the format bar, and press “Start!” button in the opened dialogue window.

All the emails will be stored in TIFF format in the folder specified by default. It is possible to perform manual adjustment, if you need to convert email to TIFF with change of the formatting, extract the attachments, select specific fields for conversion, etc. All this is available via pop-up dialogue window that appears after clicking on format type. If you prefer to work with the code instead of using the program interface, this email converter offers conversion in the command line mode. In one simple line of commands that are specified in the Help menu, you can convert all the letters to the format you need.

Total Mail Converter is all-in-one tool for fast email conversion and backing up. Buy it now and keep your correspondence safely.

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