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How to Convert Email to TIFF?

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If you face a need to convert email to TIFF, then, most likely, you are tired of dealing with files in MSG and EML formats. Chances are you are aware of all the advantages that TIFF (Tagged Image File Format) has, including high quality of images and compatibility with numerous applications.

However, you might not be aware of what is considered to be the best and most efficient way to convert emails to TIFF. If you are not, we suggest you try Total Mail Converter by CoolUtils. It is a special tool designed to convert emails exported from any e-mail client (Mozilla Thunderbird, The Bat!, Outlook Express, Microsoft Outlook,etc.).

These are, however, not the only advantages of Total Mail Converter. This tool can convert MSG and EML files into TIFF, TXT, PDF, HTML, RTF, DOC, and JPEG in batch. This means that you won't have to process each email individually; instead, you'll be able to process hundreds of them at once.

The program has user-friendly interface, which makes it very easy to use even for beginning users who have never before dealt with conversion software. Moreover, those, who need extra help, can always refer to free how-to articles online or contact CoolUtils customer support service.

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Total Mail Converter is very affordable. Unlike many other converters, priced at over $100, this tool is available for just $59.90. Corporate and royalty-free licenses are also offered by CoolUtils for a special fee.

All you need to do to convert email to TIFF with Total Mail Converter is:

  1. Download Total Mail Converter from the official website of CoolUtils
  2. Install Total Mail Converter following the instructions of the installation wizard
  3. Launch Total Mail Converter
  4. Select emails for conversion
  5. Set JPEG as target format
  6. Begin conversion!

You can get your free trial version of Total Mail Converter now. Use it for 30 days to evaluate the converter's quality! There's no obligation or hidden fees!

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    FREE DOWNLOAD Total Mail Converter DOC Tutorial
(only $59.90)
   Updated Wed, 05 Jun 2024

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