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How to convert Thunderbird Emails to DOC


If you've used Thunderbird as your primary email client for any length of time, you'll know it soon starts creaking at the seams and needs to be actively managed in terms of archiving content.

When it comes to getting data out, you could of course painstakingly copy and paste the relevant data into a Word file but that's hardly the simplest solution. A far easier solution is to convert Thunderbird emails to DOC automatically using our Total Thunderbird Converter software.

It's far from the only output format on offer but DOC makes a very handy solution if you need to edit the contents of the file or share with others for review.

If you decide to take this path and store old electronic correspondence in DOC files, you'll have the advantage of saving the original formatting while being able to open them on practically any computer.

Total Thunderbird Converter is specifically designed to deal with emails in bulk so whether you're processing one file or hundreds, it will be able to handle the task with ease.

This fully featured email converter offers a few different ways of exporting emails from Thunderbird to DOC format. You are free to:

  • Convert emails one-by-one, specifying different settings for each email as you go.
  • Convert a few emails at a time and save the converted copies as separate DOC files.
  • Convert multiple emails simultaneously and combine them into a single DOC file.
With the last two options, you're able to specify the same settings for multiple files which saves you and your team a considerable amount of tedious manual labour.

Total Thunderbird Converter also runs on the command line so power users are free to take advantage of all its functionality with just a few keystrokes if that suits their workflow better. Simply select your option flags and you can convert all emails with one command that will take mere seconds.

download Total thunderbird Converter

The software can also be set to delete original files from your inbox post-conversion. Just another small but powerful touch that can save you valuable time.

Download the free trial version of Total Thunderbird Converter today and start discovering how much wasted time and effort it could save you and your team.


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Updated Tue, 09 Jul 2024

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