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Total CAD ConverterX   

Safely convert your CAD files to images on web-servers.

Buy Total CAD ConverterX NOW!
(only $350.00)

Total CAD ConverterX (SDK) converts CAD files to PDF, TIFF, JPEG, BMP, WMF, PNG, DXF, BMP on web-servers. The program has no GUI or any interrupting messages. The list of source formats is rather wide: dxf, dwg, plt, hg, hgl, hpg, plo, hp, hpl, hpgl, hp1, hp2, hpgl2, gl2, spl, prn, svg, cgm. Total cad Converter X (SDK) includes command line converter and ActiveX.

Total CAD ConverterX can easily resize your files during conversion, no additional actions are required.

Total CAD ConverterX has unique options to batch convert several CAD files at a time:

  • convert each CAD file to the target format of your choice (for example, 10 DXF files to 10 PDF files).
  • convert several CAD files to one file (for example, 10 DXF files into 1 multi-page PDF file).
  • combine output files within folders.
  • convert and combine output files based on the common file name. For example, converting files Qwe 1.dxf, Qwe 2.dxf, Asd 1.dxf, Asd 2.dxf you get Qwe.tiff and Asd.tiff.
If you convert large amounts of CAD files on a daily basis you will find these options indispensable.

If you need examples on some programming languages please contact us. We will create any example specially for you.

If you use ActiveX on a web-server, please, remember to register it in your web-server account.

Note that ActiveX is 32-bit only. If you are trying to use activeX under 64-bit internet information server (IIS) activeX will not work. Use command line version instead.


Customization Total CAD ConverterX tailored to YOUR needs.
  • If you have a special requirement
  • If you want additional options

Contact us. We will gladly enhance our CAD converter so that it fit your needs perfectly. Customization is often free to our customers.

Success stories.


Example ASP:

dim C
Set C=CreateObject("CADConverter.CADConverterX")
C.Convert "c:\source.dxf", "c:\dest.pdf", "-cpdf -log c:\CAD.log"
set C = nothing
Example2 ASP: directly stream the resulting PDF
dim C
Set C=CreateObject("CADConverter.CADConverterX")
Response.AddHeader "Content-Type", "binary/octet-stream"
Rresponse.AddHeader "Content-Disposition", "attachment; filename=test.pdf"
Response.BinaryWrite c.ConvertToStream("C:\www\ASP\Source.dxf", "C:\www\ASP", "-cpdf  -log c:\CAD.log")
set C = nothing
Example PHP:
if (file_exists($dest)) unlink($dest);
$c= new COM("CADConverter.CADConverterX");
$c->convert($src,$dest, "-c pdf  -log c:\CAD.log");
if (file_exists($dest)) echo "OK"; else echo "fail:".$c->ErrorMessage;
Buy Total CAD ConverterX NOW!
(only $350.00)




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Windows 8 Compatible
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