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Converting emails to different formats helps to extend the area of use for the information stored in the mailbox. You can convert email to HTML, if there is a need to publish your correspondence online for public view or make them viewable in the web browser when offline. Email messages stored in HTML have small size and can be stored compactly in some local folder.

If you need a tool that can automatically turn your emails to HTML, you can use Total Mail Converter. This utility can create copies of your emails in different formats, including HTML, DOC, RTF, TXT, etc.

dxf plt converter

For converting to HTML the following features are available:

  • Converting specific set of email fields instead of all fields
  • Ability to apply specific CSS style uploaded from a file
  • Processing attachments (conversion, saving in a folder, etc.)
  • Setting name template for batch email conversion.

convert email to html

When you convert many emails at once, it is necessary to store the output copies in the right order. You can do this by applying specific name template that consists of the values of email fields. This can be a date, subject or sender or any combination of fields you prefer. Just set the desired template in the settings wizard of the email converter, and get all converted emails sorted properly.

Total Mail Converter works also from the command line. You can enable it in cmd Windows interface to run conversions in the background mode. When the converter is installed on the computer, you can convert any EML or MSG file from its context menu, right on the desktop. It is a convenient way, if you need to convert a single file. If you need converting many files in batch, it is better to convert them launching Total Mail Converter.

Export your emails quickly and reliably – Total Mail Converter is ready for downloading.

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Buy Total Mail Converter NOW!
(only $49.90)
   Updated Wed, 01 Dec 2021

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