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Conversion of emails to HTML is usually an exhausting process. First you need to extract the information from source messages. Then you need to code it to HTML, and this requires special programming skills that users usually do not have. You can convert email to HTML free and automatically using online mail converter from CoolUtils. It is an excellent tool for busy people, who do not wish to spend hours on such routine. This service is:

Green PlusFree of charge

Green PlusFully automatic

Green PlusAbsolutely secure

Green PlusAvailable from any device connected to Internet

Green PlusExtremely simple in use.

For your safety there is no registration and sharing personal information required. You just open the page with online converter and turn your emails to HTML. The file you get as a result contains valid HTML code - texts wrapped in HTML can then be used as content for websites or simply for viewing locally through the web browser.

The process will take you a minute. You need to upload file to server, select HTML in the list of formats and press the Download button. The browser will offer you to open or save result file - this is up to you. This free online mail converter features adjusting header and footer - you can insert any info there, setting the template in tags like [page] or [date]. This setting can be skipped if not needed.

As opposite to desktop Total Mail Converter, online tool is available from any device, not only from computer. Just connect it to Internet and open the service page in a web browser. This makes converting options available from anywhere. You can convert email to HTML free, if its original file is saved locally in your device memory. This should be MSG or EML file. Almost all mail services provide emails in such files or ability to export emails to these formats.

With this online converting tool converting electronic messages to HTML will become one of the easiest things you ever did!

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Buy Total Mail Converter NOW!
(only $49.90)
   Updated Fri, 22 Feb 2019

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