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Convert TSV to CSV


If you're used to handling exported data files, you've almost certainly come across the need to convert TSV to CSV or perform some type of similar transformation on TSV files. It's a need that will not be going away anytime soon. Let's look at some reasons why before we move on to options for TSV to CSV conversion available in our Total CSV Converter tool.

Modern businesses are increasingly data led. As the mobile and API revolutions gather pace across the globe, an increasingly huge stream of actionable data is available to businesses on every aspect of their performance twenty-four hours a day.

Though the promise of this ocean of data is that it will be automatically served up in neatly packaged chunks ready for instant analysis, the reality is that a lot of day to day business data processing still relies on manual data dumps and further analysis of that data in good old-fashioned tools such as Excel.

Analysis isn't the only use case here of course. Take ecommerce as a separate example. Despite the increasing sophistication of hosted e-commerce solutions, a huge amount of them still rely on manual uploads when it comes to adding initial product ranges into the system, transferring them from shop to shop, or accessing sales reports.

Both of those scenarios will inevitably involve the production or massaging of delimited data sets of one kind or another. And when it comes to storing that data locally, the first two file formats that will spring to most people's minds here are obviously CSV and TSV.

tsv to csv

Given the choice, most people would probably plump for CSVs. They're less likely to cause issues when imported into other programs and are a more widely accepted standard.

Unfortunately, people don't always have the choice of which format they receive their data in. That's where file conversion and tools like Total CSV Converter come into play.

If you need to convert TSV to CSV or convert a tab separated file to CSV format then there's simply no better tool for the job. You could of course painstakingly fire up Excel and export TSC to CSV but that will be a time consuming process most want to avoid if possible.

download Total CSV Converter

Using a dedicated tool such as Total CSV Converter gives you a number of added advantages. One of the most obvious of these is the option to run it from the command line. Another huge advantage is the ability to use the tool as a batch TSV converter to fly through huge amounts of data in just a few clicks.

Don't just take our word for it. Download a free trial version of the software yourself and see how much time it could potentially save you!


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Updated Fri, 07 Jun 2024

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