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Thousands of happy customers have bought our Total CSV Converter over the years. As its name suggests, it's particularly well suited for chomping through standard office conversions surrounding CSV files. What a lot of people may not realize is that it's equally well suited to handling TSV files. It's also extremely handy for outputting structured data as PDFs. In fact, if you need to convert TSV to PDF, you will struggle to find a better PDF converter solution.

Having to deal with TSVs files is far from a rare occurrence in today's office environment. They have established themselves as the output format of choice in certain contexts, usually ones involving some sort of automated data dump that will then be broken down in more detail using Excel or other tools.

Standard scenarios that come to mind are dealing with exports from Postgres or MySQL databases. Custom reports from these databases are often output in TSV format for detailed analysis later on. Large scale website analytics packages also tend to use this format for export.

But, while TSV is a great way of getting the data out of the system in question, it's not ideal for human scanning. At some stage you're going to need to convert those TSV files to a friendlier format. PDF files, for example, are a common destination format requested in offices nationwide. That's where Total CSV Converter comes into its own.

If you find yourself needing to convert TSV to PDF or open TSV in PDF (perhaps to annotate a particular part of the data set), you'll appreciate the advantages of using a dedicated tool.

Total CSV Converter can be used either through its intuitive GUI interface or run directly from the command line. If you're faced with a large number of files where you need to export TSV to PDF, you'll be delighted to discover that batch processing is simple to perform in Total CSV Converter. In fact, it's ideally suited to convert CSV files to many other file types (TSV to XLS, TSV to CSV).

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You're free to either purchase a fully licensed version immediately or take our free time-limited trial version for a spin to see if it matches your exact requirements for processing TSV files.

Streamlining common office tasks such as converting TSV files is a great way of adding hours of extra productive time to your working week. Take advantage of the opportunity and start using our software today!


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Updated Fri, 07 Jun 2024

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