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RTF format has lots of advantages, the main of which is its wide support by all major text editors. It ideally suits for sharing text information between different programs and platforms. But if you need to protect it from copying or editing, it is reasonable to convert RTF to PDF that has excellent facilities for protecting information from copying. PDF is compact, text in this format will require even less memory space than in RTF. If the file content images, size compression is significant – up to ten times. Total Doc Converter is an excellent tool that can export RTF into PDF with the following features:
  1. Changing page format (paper size and orientation are customizable);
  2. Converting each page to separate PDF file;
  3. Text formatting (font type and size)
  4. Margins (ability to set margins for PDF copy in mm);
  5. Document information adjustment (setting the author, creator, subject information, etc.).

User can convert RTF files with settings by default that usually results in creating exact PDF copy of RTF source file. For better usability this RTF converter has an in-built file viewer. When specifying sources for conversion, user can always view file content to select proper file.

rtf converter free download

If RTF sources contain images, you can regulate their quality and save them in separate JPEG files. JPEG compression allows reduce their size maximally. To enable RTF PDF Converter, you need only check RTF sources in the navigation panel and click on ‘PDF' button at the format bar. If you have lots of files of different formats and can't find RTF files you can enable a mask to file list by RTF extension. By the way, you can convert many RTF files in one conversion, such mode is called converting in batch.

Total Doc Converter is always available online in up-to-date version, you can try it in trial before purchasing a license.

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