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PDF Splitter Command Line

CoolUtils PDF Splitter is a powerful tool designed to split PDF files into smaller, more manageable parts. With its intuitive interface, beginners and experts can easily split PDFs. It ensures accurate splitting while preserving the original document quality. Supporting batch processing, it saves time and effort. Split PDF by pages, bookmarks, or blank pages, and it's compatible with various Windows operating systems. This efficient tool is your go-to solution for splitting PDFs effectively.

Usage: PDFSplitter.exe <source> <destination> <options>
If you have path with spaces, use quotation marks.
By the way You can use macroses in the Destination path

  •  <DATE[:format]> - current date, default format is yyyymmdd
  •  <TIME[:format]> - current time, default format hhmmss

For example: destination C:\<DATE>_<TIME:hhmm> produce file C:\20100307_1241


  • -log - Don`t show errors. Write them to the log file
  • -verbosity - Log file verbosity
    • error - Write to log file only errors (default)
    • detail - Write detailed log file
  • -list - File with files mask to convert
  • -Recurse:off - Include subfolders
  • -do - Delete originals
  • -kfs - Keep folder structure
  • -fo - Force overwrite existed files
  • -c - Convert to
    • PDF - convert to PDF
  • -em - Split method
    • pages - Extract page range
    • bookmarks - Split by bookmarks
    • blanks - Split by blank pages
    • quick - Extract page range - quick method
    • odd - Extract only odd pages
    • even - Extract only even pages
  • -bc - Split by selected blank pages in a row
  • -bt - Blank page detection tolerance (1-10)
  • -t - Template for generating file name
  • -ts - Start numbering from value for template (-1 - base on destination folder files count)
  • -b - Split file by bookmarks in this level
  • -cp - Make new document every [N] pages
  • -p - Extract only these pages


  • PDFSplitter.exe C:\PDF\Example.pdf C:\Pages\
    Split file Example.pdf into folder C:\Pages, using default file name template (Example.PageX.pdf)

    PDF Splitter allows users to define a constant pad. Example: "page00#", which will cause all pages to be output with a constant pad, page00001, page00002

    Users may also select the number of digits.
    Example: page#5 will produce page numbers like page00001, page00002, etc.

  • PDFSplitter.exe C:\PDF\Example2.pdf C:\Pages\ -p "2-3"
    Extract only page 1 and page 2
  • PDFSplitter.exe C:\PDF\Example2.pdf C:\Pages\ -p "1-8" -cp 4
    Extract only pages 1-8 and make the 2 documents
  • PDFSplitter.exe C:\PDF\Example3.pdf C:\Pages\ -em bookmarks -b 3
    Split file Example3.pdf by bookmark (level 3) and place the final files into folder C:\Pages

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