Split PDF file via command line
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PDF Splitter Command Line

Usage: PDFSplitter.exe <source> <destination> <options>
If you have path with spaces, use quotation marks.
By the way You can use macroses in the Destination path
  •  <DATE[:format]> - current date, default format is yyyymmdd
  •  <TIME[:format]> - current time, default format hhmmss

For example: destination C:\<DATE>_<TIME:hhmm> produce file C:\20100307_1241


  • -log - Don`t show errors. Write them to the log file
  • -verbosity - Log file verbosity
    • error - Write to log file only errors (default)
    • detail - Write detailed log file
  • -list - File with files mask to convert
  • -Recurse:off - Include subfolders
  • -do - Delete originals
  • -kfs - Keep folder structure
  • -fo - Force overwrite existed files
  • -c - Convert to
    • PDF - convert to PDF
  • -em - Split method
    • pages - Extract page range
    • bookmarks - Split by bookmarks
    • blanks - Split by blank pages
    • quick - Extract page range - quick method
    • odd - Extract only odd pages
    • even - Extract only even pages
  • -bc - Split by selected blank pages in a row
  • -bt - Blank page detection tolerance (1-10)
  • -t - Template for generating file name
  • -ts - Start numbering from value for template (-1 - base on destination folder files count)
  • -b - Split file by bookmarks in this level
  • -cp - Make new document every [N] pages
  • -p - Extract only these pages


  • PDFSplitter.exe C:\PDF\Example.pdf C:\Pages\
    Split file Example.pdf into folder C:\Pages, using default file name template (Example.PageX.pdf)

    PDF Splitter allows users to define a constant pad. Example: "page00#", which will cause all pages to be output with a constant pad, page00001, page00002

    Users may also select the number of digits.
    Example: page#5 will produce page numbers like page00001, page00002, etc.

  • PDFSplitter.exe C:\PDF\Example2.pdf C:\Pages\ -p "2-3"
    Extract only page 1 and page 2
  • PDFSplitter.exe C:\PDF\Example2.pdf C:\Pages\ -p "1-8" -cp 4
    Extract only pages 1-8 and make the 2 documents
  • PDFSplitter.exe C:\PDF\Example3.pdf C:\Pages\ -em bookmarks -b 3
    Split file Example3.pdf by bookmark (level 3) and place the final files into folder C:\Pages
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