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Total Doc Converter

Convert Doc to TIFF Free: Online Vs Desktop

Do you need a TIFF copy of Doc file? You can get it for free using this Online Doc Converter offered by CoolUtils. It offers a web version of a popular Total Doc Converter with basic functionality for converting Word documents into images, texts, etc.

No matter what format you choose, the procedure at the online service is the same. It is very simple for both newbies and experienced users. In order to convert Doc to TIFF free, you need to follow these steps:

Green PlusSelect one Doc original document by pressing Select button;

Green PlusPress Convert to TIFF link;

Green PlusSave the opened TIFF copy to your memory.

free doc to tiff converter

Note that this free Doc TIFF converter works in any operating system, and has no special requirements for your devices. You can run it from computer or mobile gadget, any device with Internet connection. Desktop solution runs only on Windows devices. However, desktop version supports more formats for conversion and has unlimited abilities to convert documents in batches. It is a time-saver in case of a lot of files. For converting one or a few Docs it is more convenient to convert Doc online.

On the converter page you will find two parameters that should be set. First is source file location and the second is conversion format. It will not ask you to adjust graphic parameters or paper format - the service just creates the exact copy of the original, in the same size and quality. This free Doc converter has no other options than standard data export. In the desktop Total Doc Converter you will be able to set TIFF compression, combine a few documents into one TIFF file, setup page properties, add page numbers or any text watermarks, etc. It is not limited to any file size, while the free online converter supports files only up to 10 MB.


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