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How to convert DOC to DOCX


The DOC file extension has done a lot of heavy lifting over the years. Created by Microsoft over three decades ago, it's been used to handle literally billions of documents in that time.

The introduction of the DOCX format in 2007 was designed to streamline the format while increasing cross-platform compatibility and users have benefited from smaller file sizes and quicker opening times ever since its release.

There's a good chance you or clients will still have a lot of old files knocking around in DOC format though, or perhaps members of your team have simply never gotten used to using the newer format. At some stage it will be time for a cleanup and you'll need to convert DOC to DOCX in batch.

Our Total Doc Converter is the tool to turn to for this task and many others. In addition to its huge range of other features, it's a highly efficient batch DOCX converter.

You could of course try and handle this yourself by wasting time on the internet looking for a free online DOCX converter but such tools are usually severely limited in terms of how many files they can process at once.

Or you could try it by hand in Word by going through the process of selecting "Save DOC as DOCX" over and over again but this is going to get old pretty fast.

Total Doc Converter brings a number of advantages to the table. It will respect your original folder structure when processing files in bulk and you're able to watermark files as they are processed - just two of the standout features that will save you and your team a truly substantial amount of manual processing pre- and post conversion.

All options can also be run in batch via the command line for power users, a feature that opens up a whole new world of programmatic flexibility and convenience.

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Users with a little less technical experience won't be left out either. Total Doc Converter's intuitive GUI interface allows them to step through the process of creating their own executable BAT files to handle common tasks with ease.

Make today the day you start turbo-charging your workflow by downloading a free trial version of Total Doc Converter and discover its power for yourself!


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Updated Thu, 13 Jun 2024

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