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Some people prefer to convert EML to PDF for future reference. It makes sense as they will be able to store emails outside the email client and open them on almost any computer. If you use an EML based email client (i.e. Thunderbird, Windows Live Mail, Windows Mail, The Bat, Outlook Express) you can export emails as EML files. Once you have EML files on your hard drive, launch Total Mail Converter, browse for your folder with emails and press PDF button. In few minutes the program will convert EML to PDF.

  • May I convert EML to PDF Sender and Date only?
    Sure. Total Mail Converter allows selecting certain fields that you want to export to PDF. I want to rename output files adding mail date to the file name You can easily add new descriptive names to the converted emails with Total Mail Converter. The program offers several renaming macros, so that you could get any name you need. For example, you have an EML file AprilRepost.eml sent on the 28th of April 2015. Using this renaming scheme [date] - [subject] you will get the PDF file 2015-04-28-AprilRepost.pdf.
  • My EML files contain attachments and I want them to be converted to PDF as well.
    No problem! Tick the checkbox Convert Attached Documents in the settings windows and all the attachments will be embedded inside the PDF file. In any PDF viewer this is a clickable link that will open the attachment in its associated program. Attached images can be inserted directly into PDF. Note that the Pro version can convert attachments to PDF files.
  • Can your mail converter combine several EML files into one PDF?
    Yes, Total Mail Converter can convert any number of EML files to one multi-page PDF document.
  • How do I add a counter to every page of the resulting PDF file?
    Total Mail Converter allows adding headers and footers. So you may easily add a page counter to the top or bottom of your document (horizontal alignment is also available). Select EML files, press PDF button and go to Header inlay. Note that the EML converter may add a simple page counter or [page] of [pages] counter.
  • Can I convert EML to PDF and encrypt the final file?
    Total Mail Converter helps you to set user permissions. You may allow or prohibit users to copy, modify, print, or annotate your files. Note that you may also sign output PDF files with your digital signature (pfx file).

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Our clients say:
"I am very pleased with the product. So far it has passed all of our initial QA tests. I am making use of the tool programmatically as part of a larger custom stand-alone custom legacy content management system migration. The current legacy system stores email content in MSG format. We recommended that we provide that content in the EML and PDF formats during the migration in order to provide more standardized access to this content. This is where your tool fits in. We have successfully integrated your tool into our migration program to facilitate this task for this customer."

Jeff Primeau
Senior Consultant
Decision Labs Inc.

Total Mail Converter runs fine on Windows XP/2003/Vista/7/8/10.

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