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Convert CDA to MP3


Organising audio files can be difficult and CD Audio Track files - CDA for short - do not make that task any easier to carry out or understand. It is important to realise that CDA files are not actually audio files for a start. They are simply a way for Windows to recognise where individual tracks begin and end on a compact disk. That is the reason why nothing happens if you copy a CDA file to your hard drive and try to play it.

Convert CDA to MP3

So, rather than thinking "I need to convert CDA to MP3", what you really need to do is rip CD to MP3. That gets your music off the CD and into a universally playable, cross-platform format you can listen to on any device.

In order to do this quickly and efficiently, you will naturally need a CD ripper and converter. That is where Total Audio Converter comes in! You can use it to rip CDs and perform a huge range of other common audio tasks.

Total Audio Converter supports all common audio formats so you are not limited to just MP3s when it comes to ripping your CDs. WAV, OGG and WMA are all supported along with more than 25 further file types.

Total Audio Converter can even be used to capture audio from YouTube videos. Just paste in the URL and it will do the rest! The software also comes complete with a built-in audio player and integrates directly into the Windows right-click menu for added convenience.

You do not need to be an audio engineer to get the most out of Total Audio Converter either. The software will automatically select the most appropriate bit rate and frequency for conversion. If you want to fine-tune your settings though, you are still free to do so.

As with all of our software, you can interact with Total Audio Converter in two main ways: via its intuitive graphical interface or via the command line. Power users will appreciate the ability to do the latter where the full range of the program's functionality can be executed with just a few keystrokes.

Total Audio Converter gives you a professional audio conversion solution at a fraction of the cost of most similar alternatives. We are so confident in its quality that we are willing to offer a free, 30-day trial version of the software for you to test at your leisure. Download today and start taking control of your music!

Windows Vista/7/8/10/11


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Updated Wed, 29 May 2024

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