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mp4 to MP3 converter MP4 format has become quite popular due to Apple. iPods support MP4 files and the songs that are sold at iTunes are also in that format. The bad thing is that it is not as widely supported by other music devices. You can hardly play .mp4 file on your mp3 player or upload it to your mobile phone. MP3 format is still the most widely accepted format today. So convert MP4 files to MP3 and get the freedom of listening to your music on any device.

Total Audio Converter will help you to quickly convert MP4 songs to MP3 format without quality loss. All you need is to select the files and press Convert Button. Total Audio Converter can also convert hundreds of mp4 files in batch mode - so if you want to convert the whole collection of MP4 music it's invaluable here.

Besides, Total Audio Converter has built-in audio player. You can listen to the song just within the program! If you are accustomed to using command line, there is one for you. Total Audio Converter will not only convert MP4 to MP3 but also AAC, MTM, MPC, MOD, OGG, WV, MP+, M4A, MP4, APE, APL, WMA, UMX, MPP, S3M, XM, IT, TTA, OFR, SPX, FLAC, CDA, and WAV. It's a most powerful audio converter that is still user-friendly!

CNet editor reviewed TAC and wrote that "Total Audio Converter is reasonably attractive and plenty powerful to justify its $20 price."

mp4 to mp3

Our users say: I used google search for simple MP4 to MP3 converter - really found it by chance. Thanks God! It saved me loads of time!

Total Audio Converter runs on Windows Vista/7/8/10/11.

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    FREE DOWNLOAD Total Audio Converter Image Tutorial
(only $24.90)
   Updated Wed, 29 May 2024

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