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How to Convert CSV to HTML

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Total CSV Converter is a new file conversion utility that converts CSV files to HTML, XLS, DBF, XML, TXT, DOC, PDF and OpenOffice. The tool features an intuitively laid out user interface that actually prompts you what to do next. With all functions readily seen upon the interface, novice users have no problems converting CSV to HTML.

CSV Converter is one of the fastest file conversion tools today's software industry can offer. It converts CSV files to HTML in batch. In other words, you can set it to render several hundreds of files in HTML, and it will take moments for the tool to do the entire job. If you work with HTML files for the most part, this is the best CSV HTML Converter available so far.

How to Convert CSV to HTML

csv to htmlThis is very simple. Run the utility and select a folder in the folder tree on the left side of the interface. CSV files contained in the folder will be displayed on the screen. Check the files you would like to convert. If you wish to render all the files in HTML, press Check All. Then click HTML.

If you are not experienced, use default settings offered by the wizard. It takes a bit of knowledge to figure out how input/output settings affect the result. There best thing about the wizard is its ability to save parameters. Next time you convert, the wizard will offer you the same settings, unless you select otherwise.

Total CSV Converter integrates into Windows. You can convert CSV to HTML right from the desktop. Right-click on a file and select Convert to. Then specify the target format.

Total CSV Converter features command line support, by aid of which you can launch it from within other applications.

You can download this utility instantly. If you would like to get acquainted with the program, download the free trial version. It is valid for 30 days. It is likely that you will want to purchase Total CSV Converter after a few minutes of working with the trial version. Registered users are entitled to free tech support and upgrades.

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