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Convert Excel to JPEG Free


free excel converter

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If you have to convert one or a few Excel files to JPEG each day only, you do not really need to buy the desktop converter. Although Total Excel Converter is really good, buying it in your situation is not an absolute necessity. Instead, you can use the free online Excel converter. It converts single Excel files to JPEG and a number of other formats instantly. Although it does not incorporate advanced features, such as batch function or command line support, it can be of great help for beginners and users who are not faced with the necessity of converting scores of Excel documents within a short while.

Both Total Excel Converter and this free online Excel converter show great performance when used as designated. Which one you choose depends on your occupation and individual preferences. However, if you switch to a more active conversion regime, it is not unlikely that you are going to have to switch to the desktop converter.

free excel to jpeg converter

How to Convert Excel Files for Free

Green PlusOpen the free Excel converter with the file destination field and press the "Browse" button located near the field. Select the Excel file, and the destination path will be shown in the field.

Green PlusThen click on the "Convert to JPEG" link below and click "OK" in the popup window.

Green PlusThe file will be converted in less than a few moments.

As follows from the above, it takes less effort to convert Excel to JPEG online than via the desktop converter. However, it would be pointless to even try to convert many files with the online converter over a short period of time. This is what appears to be a justification for not having to pay for using the online version.

There are things that the desktop version can do and the online one cannot. At the same time, if you are required to convert only a few files each day, it is more advisable for you to convert Excel to JPEG online.


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Updated Fri, 15 Mar 2024

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