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How to Convert XML to SQL in Batch

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XML stands for Extensible Markup Language and is a data format designed to define objects and object attributes. There are certain features that make this format popular among computer users. They are: simplicity, flexibility, compatibility with a wide range of applications, platform-independence, and more. However, in certain cases XML files should be converted to other formats to facilitate their processing.

Oftentimes, users choose SQL format when it comes to converting XML files. SQL, also known as Structured Query Language, is a standard computer programming language. Just as XML, it has its own pros that make many users want to convert XML files into SQL. The main advantage of this language, is, of course, functionality. SQL allows to create new databases and tables, update data from the databases, insert records or data and retrieve it from databases, etc.

The best way to convert XML to SQL in batch is use an XML SQL converter. There are not that many converters that support both of these formats. We recommend that you to try Total XML Converter by CoolUtils if you want to enjoy trouble-free and quick XML into SQL conversion.

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One of the most important options enabled in CoolUtils XML converter is batch conversion. With its help, you will be able to deal with hundreds of XML files in a couple of clicks, literally. All you need to do, once you download and install the program, is select the XML files you wish to convert, set SQL as target format and press the “Start” button.

Another important feature of Total Excel Converter is its functionality. It can be used to deal not only with XML format, but also with many others. They include but are not limited to JSON, CSV, ODT, ODS, DOC, PDF, HTML, TXT and more.

Finally, this program is free for the first 30 days. Simply get your free trial version and use it for 1 months at no charge to see whether Total XML Converter by CoolUtils is right for you!

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